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Almost any automobile can be tuned to perfection, and since most leave the factory as imperfect vehicles that fall short of their performance peak, you just know tuning, blueprinting, remapping, or plain old styling make all the difference, turning a maybe mean car into a snarling traffic buster.

We like autos that were always intended as the drivers car, you know the ones, the sales brochure has lots of pictures of cam covers, exhausts, tachos, and sport seats, and at expos hot babes in heels breathe heavily over the bonnet. These are the autos that tune well without much effort, these are the autos that leave a bit of change in your pocket for body kits.

No vehicle is left out on TunedAutos.com, from American muscle cars, to European performance autos, and Japanese sport hatches we pretty much cover them all, sure we have our favorites, but nobody takes a vote on the best autos, we just tell you how its done, the car you drive doesn’t matter so long as it’s a ride you’re happy with.

Tuned Autos auto tuning

Even if you own a pony car we’ll tell you how to tune that baby to something approaching its muscle car equivalent. 21st century performance isn’t always just about swapping out an under performing engine for a bigger block and upgraded running train, no sir, some of those pony engines were pretty darned good, they just need some work to give them a bit of grunt.

We just know you’ll be the envy of the guys at the clubhouse with a rebuilt stock standard auto and shiny new paintjob, even better if the trim matches, oh yeah, there is no denying a souped up ride gets attention, babes love it, they say they don’t but have you ever noticed a hot babe hanging off a wreckers dream?

Tuned Autos mustang tuning

From old autos to new, tuning is about passion and engineering, neither is enough on its own, so TunedAutos.com gets to the heart of the matter, we talk about the guys doing the rebuilds, the engineers who can an extra ounce of pressure out of a turbo, and the designers who get an extra hundredth point from lean curves in the overall drag coefficient.

So, what can you expect from TunedAutos.com? No tuned auto is complete without some of the basics, things like new air intakes, uprated brakes that won’t let you down, suspension and steering that turns on a dime, and of course a front grill that turns heads from jocks and babes alike. Otherwise why bother, it has to be about response at the pedals and the looks you get as you cruise city streets.

Tuned Autos miss tuning 2008

Keep TunedAutos.com bookmarked for news about performance autos and the best pictures we can find that define a marque, with or without the high heel wearing babe. TunedAutos.com won’t let you down, if we write about a model of auto you can be sure we’ll mention everything that can be done, then all you need to do is talk to your local workshop about starting your project.

Knowing the manufacturers of performance parts and what they produce for each auto is our job, but TunedAutos.com is more than a job, it’s also in our blood, at night we dream about remaps, chrome wheels, and fat low profile tires that keep our attention as much as they stick to the road. Do yourself a favor, click that little orange feed icon and subscribe to our latest articles.

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