Anderson Germany Ferrari 430 16M

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If you are kinda bored with the looks of your Ferrari 430, Anderson Germany has a conversion kit that turn your car into a special edition Scuderia 16M version.

In terms of bits and pieces, you get new front spoiler, air dam, side skirts, Scuderia rear grille and new exhausts, plus the Scuderia’s famous stripe but in yellow. So while it does look like a Scuderia, it won’t fool Ferrari aficionados.

Anderson Germany Ferrari 430 16M Anderson Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider 2

The yellow/black theme is found all over the car, and on the 20-inch wheels, and on the interior, where you get a sea of black leather and Alcantara with yellow stitching and engraved emblems.

Last but not least, Anderson tweaks the car’s V8 from 490 to 570 hp. That is the best part of the package.

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