Audi A3 Tuning

Audi A3 is an entry-level luxury car manufactured by Audi since 1996. It is small and very agile as far as the driving experience is concerned. It is loaded with extreme dynamics which make it one of the most unique cars of the present world. Its original features and configurations pose a tough challenge to all the A3 enthusiasts for finding the correct combinations to tune it up.

Starting with the Remaps, an AMD 1.8T 150 BHP Stage 2 Dual Outlet accompanied by a Stage 2 Single outlet of the same configuration are perfect for Audi A3.

Let us find some good High flow Sports catalyst for our car. Milltek Sport Large-bore Downpipe and hi-flow Sports catalyst is a great performance exhaust that gives genuine power gains, good style and aggressive looks. You will experience a sharper throttle response and a low pressure system and maximum performance.

Audi A3 Tuning audi a3 tuning

Made especially from Billet Aluminium, the Forge Piston Closed Loop Diverter Valve helps in dumping the cold air back into the intake system to reduce considerable noise and also maintains the boost pressure. It uses a counter balanced spring and a single way piston to prevent the air from entering into the intake system during idle times.

KW suspension kits suit the complete make of Audi A3. They come with specially designed sports shock absorbers which have shorter stroke. This improves the driving experience and overall handling of the car to a great extent.

Brake systems become seemingly important for heavy configuration cars to control the speed. Disc brakes have become one of the most integral parts of today’s cars. Brembo Gran Turismo Brake Kit is the best option available for Audi A3. This complete system consists of a ventilated composite disc. This can either be drilled or slotted as per requirement. The presence of 4 to 8 piston aluminium callipers and a full-fledged set of high performance brake pads make this brake kit system unique in itself. The metal braid tubes and high precision small fittings are added advantages of this brake system.

Wheel spacers are yet another important tune up parts that improve the overall handling of the car. They are completely anodised so that the rarest possibility of unsightly corrosion is ruled out.

Alloy wheels add the real grace to this vehicle. Sportec Mono 10 19′ wheel set of four alloys blend in chrome-silver are perfect for A3. The real manly looks are exploited when you go for such smart tuning parts.

Some other trendy additions to your vehicle could be in the form of Alloy oil and Water filler caps, Centre vent boost gauge, front bumper spoiler, rear spoiler and the rear side skirt.

You can build one of the best known models on road with such configurations. Though budget is a major concern here since most of the parts fall in a good economic segment, yet some crazy A3 enthusiasts do not back out and go for the ultimate makeover of their cherished possession, the great Audi A3.

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