Audi A6 Tuning

Audi A6 is yet another executive class car from Audi’s kitty. The luxurious looks and overall charismatic built of this vehicle is a masterpiece in itself. Its versions in the form of C5 and C6 have created a big impact on today’s cars. With superb engine and performance upgrades year after another, this premium vehicle has been admired by the greatest critics.

A6 needs to be handled with utmost care as it is very sensitive to any kind of tune ups. One needs to keep the perfect combinations of add on parts and various other accessories.

Audi A6 Tuning audi a6 tuning

To be on the safer side, let us start with add on features like aero components. Side skirts from Rieger, Air Intake Scoops from LLTEK’s Match paint program, rear spoiler combination from the same maker and a Trunk spoiler will give your Audi A6 some astounding looks that will make every single head turn around.

Shifting our focus to the Cold Air Intake Systems, we must decide the correct version of this component for Audi A6. A correct system will yield an easy 10-12 BHP increase in the final output of the engine.

When a powerful engine add-on has been achieved, the car’s Master Brake system should be upgraded as well. Special Audi Brake kits are available in abundance everywhere. The Audi A6 2.7T Brake kit consists of 8 Pot Mono block aluminium alloy callipers, stainless steel brake lines, cast iron mounting adapters and semi racing pads. There is a compatibility issue with the last accessory in the kit. The semi racing pads do not go well with Audi A6 system and hence we need to get A6 4B 2.7T Brake Pads that work pretty well with the complete setup.

The Lighting system of Audi A6 is almost flawless but still it lacks the sporty punch that a macho Sports car must possess. LLTEK has come up with some amazing Light System Upgrades specially designed for Audi A6. The headlamp upgrade comes in the form of a euro spec Projector with clear turn signal. Powerful Xenons or Halogen headlamps will change the appearance by many folds.

Heavy engines and body parts need powerful suspensions to support the burden of excellent performance. A complete front and rear Anti-Roll kit with adjustable suspension springs for both front and rear portions can ease out this concern completely.

Finally, we come to the topic of Wheels. For a Sports car, it is important that its wheels are able to support the weight and perform extremely well in all terrains. Model CW1-S designed especially for Audi A6 is a wonderful add-on feature. This completes the tune up process for your Audi A6 in a nutshell. The size, bolt pattern, offset and finishing curves match so much that it seems as if they were originally a part of Audi A6.

With trendy floor mats, phone carriers, devil grills and new knobs & boots, you can unleash a whole new car from your secret box.

So, go on and let your tuned up baby rule the racing track.

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