Audi TT Tuning

Audi TT is one of the best sports cars manufactured by Audi since 1998. It has evolved into a 2+2 coupe or a beautiful 2-seater roadster in the modern times. The name ‘TT’ does have some real interesting History. It is named TT for the successful racing tradition of NSU in the British Isle of Man TT motorcycle race.

Due to its amazing looks and a huge success on the road, the new Audi TT was awarded as the Inaugural Drive Car of the Year, Top gear coupe of the year, most beautiful car and World’s best designed car of the year 2007.

With such a strong history of laurels, every enthusiast needs to be careful while tuning such a masterpiece. Let us see what all we can do to tune up this flawless car.

Audi TT Tuning audi tt tuning

Mk1 TT makes one of the best armrests for this Audi version. The stylish armrests come in steel silver and dark red colours and are accompanied with complete fitting accessories.

Next we introduce the OSIR- Mk2 Telson TT Carbon. This amazing number plate is unmatched in its manly look and has a heavy black finish.

A cool driving skill is achieved if you’re hands free on the steering or manage almost everything from there. The new TTD Carbon Fibre Paddle Shifters are meant for this purpose only. With such cool looks and easy installation features, you can go for this cool gadget. It retains all the steering wheel functions without affecting any of them.

Have you ever felt that you sometimes forget what you’re driving? You should always be proud to drive such a world-class vehicle. For this purpose, you can go for Logo Tax Disc Holder from Mk1. This high quality logo on the back always reminds you what you’re driving.

Moving on to the much heavier tuning accessories, we now see the BMC Carbon Dynamic Airbox. This is a filtering system which gets a real dynamic super charging thrust thus enabling the engine to get much more cold air intake and at a much greater velocity. This greatly enhances the power and torque readings of the original vehicle.

You need to take care of the Braking system at high speeds if you’re tuning up your car for heavy configurations. The new Brembo GT Junior Big Brake Kit is a real great system that improves the pedal feel over the stock single calliper design. The neatly designed grilled brakes help in the dispersion of gases and revive the frictional material of the pads for a much better performance.

A fast road closed loop diverter valve from Forge Motorsport helps in dumping the charge-air back into the air intake system of the car and helps in reducing external noise. As a result the car experiences a quicker throttle.

The final touch comes in the form of a gear knob which helps in smoother shifts and transitions. Thus with so many new add-ons available today, we can really charge up our Audi TT to a whole new design which can rule the roads with utmost ease.

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