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The hot version of Mazda3 known as the MPS in the UK and MazdaSpeed3 in the US has been given a big boost by the chip tuner BBR.

There are three phases of tuning to the car’s 2.3 liter turbo engine, which in its standard form make no less than 265 hp, a meaty amount of power.

BBR Mazda3 MPS Mazda 3 MPS by BBR 1

Stage one offers 290 bhp and 330 ft/lbs of torque and is priced at just £549.00. Stage two makes 318 bhp (320 PS) and 370 torque.This one costs £1645.00, with a fitting charge of £395.00. And finally the stage 3 offers the full 350 hp by upgrading the turbocharger. This one has no price and depends on the job.

Other high performance goodies like suspension, exhausts and brakes are also available upon request.

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