BMW M3 by Avus Performance

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BMW M3 E92 has got a fantastic engine with 420 hp, so when it comes to tuning, most of the tuners decide to leave it alone as it’s pretty damn good in its standard form!

So they go for the styling. But there’s a problem here as well, because the E92 is the best looking M3 ever made and to change it radically would ruin the whole design. That’s why most of the jobs for this car are quite subtle.

BMW M3 by Avus Performance  Avus Performance BMW M3

Take this Avus Performance M3 for example. They give the car a carbon bonnet, carbon spoiler lip, a carbon diffuser and 20-inch mate black wheels plus lowered suspension. And that’ about it! You don’t want to mess with a good thing anyway.

Avus also provides interior packages which presumably have a lot of carbon fiber in them!

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