Carlsson 1/10 ultra light wheels

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Carlsson is on e of the most exquisite Mercedes tuner which is known for its high-end products. But apparently they are not all about luxury, they are also very high-tech!

They have recently introduced a new type of sporty rims for Mercedes cars which come with an amazing ten spoke design and are available in 19 and 20-inch. But the great design is only one part of the story! They are called the 1/10 ultra light for a reason.

Carlsson 1/10 ultra light wheels Carlsson 110

You see these wheels are forged in a very advanced process so the materials are highly compressed. That, in essence,  means Carlsson ultra light is 40 percent lighter than other equally-sized wheels. They are also capable of tolerating much bigger load which makes them suitable for high speed.

These ultra light wheels will reduce the overall weight of the car and also improve the agility and handling of the vehicle.

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