Carlsson C25 Royale Super GT

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Even though the first edition of the Carlsson C25 supercar was rather pointless, they’ve revealed an improved version called the Royale at the Geneva Motor Show.

Based on the MercedesSL65 AMG the C25 features a totally revamped body and a heavily tuned biturbo V12 engine that produces 753 horsepower (554 kW) and 1320 Nm of maximum torque which had to be limited to 1150 Nm.

Carlsson C25 Royale Super GT carlsson c25 royale 2

As a result the car does zero to 100 km/h in a mere 3.27 seconds and reach a top speed of 352 km/h.

What we can’t really justify is the price of this car which is well over half a million Euro. Granted it is a limited edition of just 25 cars, but it’s 300 grand more than a SL65, and we don’t think it is any prettier. And the better performance isn’t really worth all that money, is it!

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