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Ford Mustang by Design World

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The latest tuning package for the Ford Mustang comes from a lesser known tuner in Germany.

Design World has wrapped the 2011 Mustang in CFC black and orange film for a sporty look, and then tweaked the V8 engine up to 430 hp to cope.

Ford Mustang by Design World Design World Ford Mustang 1

The car is fitted with H&R suspension and complemented by 8,5×20 inches wheels with 255/35ZR20 tires on the front axle, and 10×20 inches with 285/30ZR20 tires on the back. They are also finished in black with orange lips.

This kind of vulgar tuning does not suit the Mustang very well. But if you dig it, it’ll cost you 12.150,00 euro.

Ford Fiesta Zetec by Superchips

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As I’m sure you know Superchips is an expert in engine tuning solely through ECU upgrade. Their latest project is Ford Ford Fiesta Zetec S and they’ve given it 10 extra PS.

The Mk7 120 PS 1.6-litre Ford Fiesta Zetec S has been optimised through a mixture of dyno tuning and real world road testing, enabling Superchips to extract an additional 10 bhp at 5986 rpm from the Fiesta’s 1.6-litre Ti-VCT twin independent cam timing engine, with torque increasing by 13 Nm at 4390rpm.

Ford Fiesta Zetec by Superchips Fiesta Zetec

That’s not much really, but it’ll make the Fiesta Zetec S feel more exciting, sportier and more responsive right through the rev range, making everyday driving more pleasurable. Good new is the car’s 48 mpg fuel economy remains intact.

Suitable for all Mk7 1.6-litre 120 PS Fiesta Zetec S models produced from 1st October 2008 onwards, the Superchips upgrade is priced competitively at just £249.00 including VAT.

Loder1899 Ford Focus 2012

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The new Ford Focus is till too new for the owners to think of tinkering with it, but if you are already bored with it Loder1899 has come up with a package for it.

It gets a body kit, made of carbon fiber, consisting of a front spoiler, side skirts, and rear diffuser and a pair of new tailpipes belonging to the car’s sport exhaust system.

Loder1899 Ford Focus 2012 Loder1899 Focus 2

It also gets lowered suspension by 35mm, and 18-, 19- and 20-inch wheels.

This particular car is based on the 2.0 liter TDCi diesel which Loder has tuned rather deeply from 140 PS to 195 PS and from 320 Nm to 395 Nm of torque.

Superchips Ford S-MAX

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The latest ECU remap kit from British electronics specialist Superchips benefits the owners of the Ford S-Max powered by 2.0-litre direct injection ‘Ecoboost’ engine. They can enjoy an extra 40 bhp and 67 Nm of torque for £455.

Dyno testing has proven that the Superchips ECU remap for the 2.0-litre Ford Ecoboost S-MAX results in a power gain of 40 bhp at 5648 rpm, with performance increasing from 1500 rpm to the rev limiter. Similarly, the Superchips remap noticeably increases maximum torque, which jumps by 67 Nm at just 2065 rpm.

Superchips Ford S MAX superchips S MAX

As always, Superchips kit won’t affect the car’s 35 mpg combined fuel economy very much if you drive it responsibly but it will enhance overtaking and the overall feel of the car.

The kit also comes with 12 month / 30,000 supplementary full vehicle warranty.

MR Car Design Ford Focus RS

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Even though this version of Ford Focus has been replaced with the 2012 model those who want the hotted-up RS model have to wait another year or so to get it.

Or, they can get an old RS, which is still a pretty good car, and have it tuned to make it even more interesting. Check out this one by MR Car Design as a good sample.

MR Car Design Ford Focus RS mr car design ford focus rs

First off the tuner has boosted the power of the 2.5 liter five-cylinder turbo engine up to 360 hp, 55 more than the standard, using sport exhaust system featuring 200-cell catalytic converter, ECU remapping, and K&N air filters.It now does zero to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds.

Then to cope with the extra performance the they’ve provided it with KW coilover suspension Variant 1 and bigger brakes. For that little extra something the car also gets some visual tweaks.

Anderson Germany Ford Focus RS

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Anderson Germany always picks the best cars of each class for their upgrade and tuning programs. So when it came to hot hatchbacks, they went to the king of the hill, the Ford Focus RS.

Reminiscent to the Focus RS500, this Focus RS gets a matte black paint job with the same massive kit as the RS500. It looks menacing in this color specially with the black wheels garnished with red brake calipers and rim’s outer lip.

Anderson Germany Ford Focus RS anderson focus black 2

The best part of this car is the engine which is uprated from 305 to 420 hp. That much power in a front wheel drive car is a recipe for chaos, but the car features a limited slip differential to make sure it won’t mess things up.

The interior is quite interesting too, with lots of leather and Alcantara and diamond-cut red stitching.

Steeda Boss 302 Mustang

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To take on the factory-standard Mustang Boss 302, Steeda has come up with their own Boss 302!

It is still a work in progress kit, but they revealed its ultimate induction system as a sort of teaser. Designed specifically for the five-point-o Mustang, the kit is a professionally-made cold air intake which complements other deep modifications they have implemented on the growling V8.

Steeda Boss 302 Mustang Steeda Boss 302

Performance figures for this engine tuning treatment are yet to be announced. So we’re not sure if it’s a real boss, or just an under boss trying to take on the big boss to run the show!

“The performance figures we have seen have just been amazing so far – especially at the upper RPM range where initial testing has shown tremendous power increases all the way to the redline. Track and dragstrip tests have also been extremely impressive – surpassing our own high expectations for this power package! For those that are incline to want a nitrous injection, we are also developing an integrated solution that is completely compatible with our induction system.”

  • Boss 302 Composite Intake
  • Steeda High Velocity Cold Air Intake with Cool Tube Technology
  • Steeda Performance Tune maximized for total system performance
  • SCT X3 Power Flash Tool for easy flashing operations
  • Comprehensive instructions for easy do-it-yourself installation

Ford C-Max by Loder1899

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Loder1899 is a well-known Ford tuner who is best remembered for their overpowered Focus RS models.

Now they’ve gone all sprig watch and decided to come up with package for the family-friendly Ford C-Max, liven things up a bit you know.

Ford C Max by Loder1899 Loder1899 C Max

Loder body kit for the C-Max consists of revised front and rear aprons, tall side skirts, new flaps, a diffuser thingy, decklid spoiler and of course 17 or 20 inch wheels with either black or silver finish.The suspension is also lowered by 30mm for good measure.

Apart from the visuals, Loder has also tuned the diesel engine in this car and managed to bump the power up form 120 kW (163PS) to 140kW (190PS) by doing some ECU remap and installing a double-flow stainless steel sport exhaust system

Superchips Ford Fiesta

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This last couple of months UK tuner Superchips was busy coming up with kits for pickup trucks or old offroaders!

But finally they come up with a package for a car that is hugely popular with young dudes, those who are most likely to tune their car. It’s the Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi.

Superchips Ford Fiesta superchips fiesta

Superchips ECU remap kit for the car’s turbodiesel engine gives an extra 23 bhp and 36 Nm of torque. It doesn’t matter if you have the old model, or the more recent 2010 version. With the extra power you get sharper, more fulfilling and rewarding drive, with power gains right through the engine’s operating range.

And the price? Only 399 Pounds including installation and VAT and Warranty!

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Ford 2.0 TDCi by Superchips

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The electronics gurus at Superchips UK tuning center released a new ECU package this time for the 2.0 liter TDCi Ford engine.

This 163 PS unit powers a wide range of cars in the UK including Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo and S-Max.

Ford 2.0 TDCi by Superchips ford 2 tdci

The high performance ECU remap package will extract 22 bhp and 89 Nm (65 lb.ft,) out of that engine, which obviously has its effect on the performance. But amazingly Superchips claims that it also enhances fuel efficiency due to the extra low rev torque available.

The kit priced at £399.00 including VAT.

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