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In today’s world of social media businesses and freelance everything, self-promotion is a vital part of every successful venture. And when it comes to cheap, easy, on-the-money promotion, custom car decals and stickers are among the top solutions, not just for individuals and small businesses, but big corporations as well.

That is the reason they sticker up their company cars with the logo of the company and hand out free stickers with every purchase or in every freebie bag. Technically-speaking, a single car driving around all day can get more impressions, which is the number of times an ad (the name of the company, product, logo, etc.) is seen by people, than a prominent ad on a high traffic website. The cool thing is, there is no ad blocker for car decals!

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So it’s something definitely worth considering by everyone looking to promote their business. It could be targeted, too. Let’s say you have just launched a dating app for university students. Hiring a dozen cars with stickers promoting the app and having them circle around various universities will get you a much better result than spending thousands on a supposedly targeted web-based ad. There is also the magic of QR codes now through which you can turn your sticker into a, virtually, clickable ad. Al people have to do is scan the code on the sticker with their phone’s camera and they get your app or visit the page for your product or service.

Now that is decal advertisement on a large-ish scale. If you run a home business, say, if you are a freelancer, or a handyman, or something along the same line, you can still advertise yourself for free by designing a custom sticker and showing it on your car. Okay, it won’t be completely free when you consider the cost of printing the custom decal. But it is maybe one thousandth the cost of other forms of promotion. And as we said above, because it is localized and heavily targeted, it could return greater result as well.

There is also something to be said for the placement of your custom sticker. With fun decals like the “Baby Onboard” stuff, people tend to put them on the bumpers or in the corner of the tailgate. With more professional ones, what you want to is put them in more prominent positions, such as the top of the windscreen, or on the front doors. This gives the appearance that your business is big enough to have its own branded cars, even if it’s just the one!

While we are not aware of any legal considerations with regards to the use of custom decals – apart from the obvious one, like refraining from the use of bad words or false information – it still pays to check with your local authorities as every place could be a little different.

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