G-Power BMW X5M Typhoon

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Behold the bask and magnificence of G-Power’s new Typhoon based on BMW X5M!

This car might look like a boy racer, but it has the kinda of power that gets even the big guys in trouble. It has 725 hp, which is more than any Zonda, Ferrari and Porsche.

G Power BMW X5M Typhoon bmw x5m typhoon 1

And it’s really really fast. Zero to 100 km/h is done in 4.2 seconds, and it can reach 319 km/h. That’s an insane performance even for a sportscar, let alone this big and monstrous SUV.

G Power BMW X5M Typhoon bmw x5m typhoon 3

This power is backed with a massive bodykit which has the full nine yards. Spoilers, wings, flared arches, you get the lot. And you get 23-inch wheels for awesome looks and better grip.

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