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Honda, as the name suggests is one of the most premium brands of Asia. Not only do their cars rule the roads during day time, but their tuned up versions are devils at night. One of the most celebrated models from their kitty is the Honda CR-X, also known as Honda Ballade. Though it is the proud holder of some controversial history due to its acronym which means Honda Civic Renaissance Model X, yet it has rocked the European markets. More and more launches all across the globe have made this Honda vehicle more powerful in brand equity.

CR-X enthusiasts love their machine and tune it in thousand different ways, but they are surely one of the best. They have re defined the concept of tuning their cars. What if the engine is left untouched or the appearance still looks jaded? You would feel the gravity of this vehicle pulling you in to eventually admire the tuned up beauty.

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Honda CRX Tuning Honda CRX 4

Let us see some of the most economical tune ups first. One can opt for rio-red bodywork. What if you cannot afford the powerful Nitrous systems, you can still go with cold air intake and sports air filter. It would surely boost CRX’s performance by many a folds. It is better if we could manage to make the car lighter. For example, we can remove the power sunroof and let the top cover stay. Screwing it to the hood and covering it up with a big sticker surely relieves some good amount of weight out of the car.

Touching the more luxurious side brings in the much awaited heavy engine. A B16A swap or 1.6 sohc VTEC swap is more than enough for a heavy bhp output. A Horse-Power output which is around 140 is good enough to help CRX prove its mettle on the road. A level-1 Nitrous X-Kit should be good enough to boost the much needed performance.

Power windows and power mirrors add style to your beautiful CR-X.

Honda CRX Tuning Honda CRX 3

It is always good to revive some good old memories. CRX has seen some really amazing tuned up versions in the past. The 1991 CRX JDM is a modern man’s obsession in the perfect sense. Leon chose the celebrated Mugen’s theme and tuned up his baby, the ’91 JDM CRX which is renowned for speed and energy. Spoon Sports’ bolts, a star-studded JDM front end and crystal side skirts can turn this car into the big man on the road. The final touches include some cool flares, trimmed arches and recently launched wide carbon mirrors that look awesome on any car. Spoon callipers are always an added asset for your machine.

What can you do to animate the final touches to perfection? Brand new flat back wheels in the form of 16 inch Spoon SW338s shod in Falken Azenis rubber is a marvellous choice. You can always rely on adjustable Camber kit and a flexible suspension kit as major performance boosters for any car.

Fancy air-brush strokes of any animal skin would really transform this car into a beast.

After a tough phase, CRX has made a terrific comeback on Asian roads. The all new European launches have been bang on target as well. Let us pray that the golden era of CRX comes back with flying colours.

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