Inden Design Mercedes S65 Conversion Kit

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Imagine you own a Mercedes S500. then imagine someday you see a S65 AMG on the street and immediately hate yourself because your car is not just as good! You would then think if I had worked a bit harder, if I had paid more attention at school, I’d now be driving one of those.

Fortunately though, you don’t have to kill yourself because Inden Design has a new kit that at a reasonable price that can convert your S500 into a S65 AMG, at least visually.

Inden Design Mercedes S65 Conversion Kit Inden Design Mercedes S500

It’s very simple. They replace S500′s front and rear bumpers, some of the lights, side skirts, and exhaust tips with the ones from the S65. Then for that little extra something they put 20-inch wheels under it and lower the suspension by a healthy 50mm. Some gray foil finishes off the body.

Inden also tweaks the engine a bit if you want, up to 420 hp, which is still far behind the 612 hp of the S65 but it’ll do.

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