Lumma Porsche Cayenne Diesel

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If you are familiar with Lumma Design you probably won’t believe this is one of their cars! You are wondering where’s the massive body kit? Where’s the giant wing? And worst of all, why it’s a diesel?!

Well, apparently they are adding some common sense to their chaotic recipe, and that’s good.

Lumma Porsche Cayenne Diesel lumma cayenne diesel 1

For Porsche Cayenne Diesel, first off, they offer a power upgrade via the D-Box which increases the power from 240 hp to an 276 hp (203 kW) and maximum torque from 550 to 630 Newton metres.

Lumma Porsche Cayenne Diesel lumma cayenne diesel 3

Then there’s the body which remains pretty much intact except for the twin exhaust pipe deflectors made from burnished and chrome-plated stainless steel, and 22 or 23-inch wheels. The interior will get a few aluminum garnish for pedals and sills, while there’s also new floor mats, with foldable boot sill protector.

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