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Mansory started out the business as a tuning parts supplier for other companies, but since they started to present their modified cars under their own label, they met an enormous success which even led them into acquiring other companies like Rinspeed.

Anyhow, those brief sentences was just a refresher about how big a company Mansory actually is before we introduce one of their upgrade package for the everlasting Porsche 911.

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Mansory is a big fan of aerodynamics, so their body kits are not just for show, they are actually engineered to improve the car’s aerodynamic efficiency. For the 911, you get a modified front apron consisting of larger air intakes and a spoiler lip. There is also a new carbon fiber hood finished in naked carbon fiber. In fact most of the modified parts on the exterior are made of visible carbon fiber.

Mansory’s obsession with carbon fiber is partly because it’s simply the best material for making lightweight and rigid parts out of, and it looks very cool. But the main reason must be the fact that they actually have all the tools and machines to make and shape carbon components! Now it’s something that even most of the huge car manufacturers do not possess!

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Back to the car, and on the side view you notice sporty side skirts which then again make the car closer to the ground, helping with the aerodynamics and handling. At the rear the engine cover is modified with new air ducts in it for better cooling, then there is a big fixed rear spoiler and of course a racing diffuser with a pair of twin exhausts on each sides of it.

Those new endpipes are the result of a new sport exhaust system that Mansory has put on the car along with a sport air filter for a lil bit more stamina! The new exhausts also adjust the sound of the car for a more impressive roar.

Mansory Porsche 911 manspry 911 3

For Porsche 911 Mansory offers a set of 8.5 x 20-inch wheels with 245/30 tires for front and 12×20 inch for rear covered with 325/25 rubber. These new wheels along with the sport suspension setting which by the way drops the car by 30 mm, improves the handling of the 911 significantly.

For the interior Mansory has come up with a nice blend of leather and carbon fiber trim. The steering wheel, dashboard and seats are coated with high quality leather, and many of the components are made of carbon fiber painted in white. That makes a fabulous contrast with the black parts and specially the black carbon parts of the exterior.

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