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As one of the most prestigious tuners in the world, Mansory just couldn’t let go one of the most prestigious sedans in the world, Porsche Panamera! So at the first phase they announced a styling package for it.

Like all the other body kits by Mansory, this one too tends to more elegant and classy than ostentatious and look-at-me-ish! The car features a new front apron with bigger air intakes and new LED lights as well as a spoiler, new grille and new bonnet which has air scoops.

Mansory Porsche Panamera MANSORY Porsche Panamera 1

On the side you notice the extended sills and buffed up fenders which house the new big sport alloys and at the back, a spoiler along with a diffuser which has a big central exhaust pipe belonging to the car’s new sport exhaust system.

Mansory Porsche Panamera MANSORY Porsche Panamera 4

Apart from the kit, this Panamera also comes with a modified suspension which is lower than the standard car by 35mm. That in combination with the 19-inch rims give the car a fantastic low-riding view.

Panamera being a luxury car, Mansory decided to take a more luxurious approach for the cabin. So get an amazing blend of high quality leather upholstery with wood timing for the dashboard and aluminum pedals. Of course carbon accents for the interior are aplenty here as usual!

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