Mercedes SLS Tuning by Domanig

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Brabus usually paint their cars black becasue it’s just cooler, but Domanig has a different idea and thinks that candy red is better!

Check out their Mercedes SLS AMG which also features some ghastly red wheels. In terms of design, they’ve ruined it. But they actually managed to make up to it with power.

Mercedes SLS Tuning by Domanig domanig mercedes sls 1

Domanig SLS features upgrades for the engine’s electronics and exhausts system so it develops 600 hp instead of the standard 571 hp. That increase the top speed to 317 km/h.

Apart form the 20-inch front and 21-inch back wheels, the car also gets KW coilover suspension and HLS lift system for when you want to go over speed humps and stuff!

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