Porsche Cayman by TPC Racing

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Porsche Cayman is honestly just a Boxster with a roof! But it’s more expensive than its little brother, even though you can enjoy open air driving in the cheaper neater Boxster.

Now though TPC Racing has come up with a performance package for the Cayman, which can really tempt you to buy one!

Porsche Cayman by TPC Racing  Porsche Cayman TPC1

They revamp the 3.4 liter boxer engine of the Cayman S and install a turbocharger and a high performance sport exhaust set on it. Therefore it generates 485 hp, which puts the car in the same league as the 997 Turbo.

Porsche Cayman by TPC Racing  Porsche Cayman TPC2

TPC also gave the car a new look by installing their body kit on it, which includes front spoiler, rear diffuser with integrated central tailpipes, and a fixed rear wing for better aerodynamic efficiency and new wheels.

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