Reifen Koch presents 700-hp Audi RS6

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Normally if you want a car with an insane amount of horsepower, you buy a supercar. But supercars are not practical, what if you need something powerful and spacious?!

Well, check out this big fella! On the surface it looks like an ordinary Audi RS6 estate with some big wheels on it, but don’t let it fool ya.

Reifen Koch presents 700 hp Audi RS6 REIFEN KOCH audi rs6 2

You see it’s a creation of Reifen Koch and they have modified its V10 engine, so the power goes up form 580 to 700 hp! To do that they had to install a high performance air intake system, plus a sport exhaust system, and also fiddle with its ECU a bit.

But it was worth it, because the car can now do 330 km/h without breaking into a sweat, while all the standard features of the RS6 remain intact.

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