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There still aren’t that many tuning packages around for the Lamborghini Aventador, and there’s a good reason for that. They are all still in development!

Here’s a yet-to-be-launched kit by RENM performance, and they seem to be turning the Aventa into a full blooded race car.

RENM Lamborghini Aventador RENM performance Lamborghini Aventador 1

We do like the look of it though, the black bits have complemented the orange color very nicely, and that big wing is a homage to the old Murcielago SV. Here’s details of RENM Package:

Road/race specification inconel/titanium exhaust system, re-designed air intake, ECU recalibration resulting in a 7-10% increase in engine output;

• Light-weight carbon fiber body sections, revised aerodynamics with adjustable rear wing;

• Suspension and chassis improvements, lower ride height, r-specification tyres;

• Exclusive LE-C light weight center-lock forged wheels;

• Modified brakes with air flow inlets, rear engine cooling chambers;

• Re-designed interior with alcantara/carbon fiber sections, steering wheel, race seats and seat belts.

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