Rolls Royce Phantom EW by WALD

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If I remember rightly Wald has already done Rolls Royce Phantom, but that doesn’t matter becasue this new one is based on the EW or extended wheelbase version, as if the normal Phantom was small!

The car looks really menacing and sporty, which is kinda at front with what Rolls Royce stands for, but it’s a cool package.

Rolls Royce Phantom EW by WALD wald roller ew 2

Of course it’s overdone in places, such as the side skirts, and it’s gone bad in some other like that awful front bumper, but overall it’s a magnificent high roller’s Roller!

Those 24-inch Renovatio rims also go very well with the black theme of the car. As it’s the case with Wald they don’t do interiors, or engines.

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