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This last couple of months UK tuner Superchips was busy coming up with kits for pickup trucks or old offroaders!

But finally they come up with a package for a car that is hugely popular with young dudes, those who are most likely to tune their car. It’s the Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi.

Superchips Ford Fiesta superchips fiesta

Superchips ECU remap kit for the car’s turbodiesel engine gives an extra 23 bhp and 36 Nm of torque. It doesn’t matter if you have the old model, or the more recent 2010 version. With the extra power you get sharper, more fulfilling and rewarding drive, with power gains right through the engine’s operating range.

And the price? Only 399 Pounds including installation and VAT and Warranty!

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