Superchips kit for TDV6 Land Rover

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The new ECU upgrade kit from Superchips is designed to increase the output of the 3.0 liter V6 diesel that powers the Land Rover Discovery LR4 and Range Rover Sport HSE.

And it does it job brilliantly by adding an extra 30 bhp / 67Nm, which means the output is now 282 bhp (compared to a measured 247 bhp as standard,) and 638 Nm (465 lb.ft,) compared to 587 Nm standard.

Superchips kit for TDV6 Land Rover superchips range sport

Amazingly, Superchips says that this upgrade reduces fuel consumption becasue it offers bigger torque at less RPM, you you press the throttle less often.

Price of this kit is 445 GBP.

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