Switzer Performance reveals 911-hp Porsche 911 GT2!

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Eager to prove that they know better than Porsche, American tuner Switzer Performance has come up with an insane engine upgrade package for the 911 GT2, only a few days after the German sportscar maker released their 620-hp GT2 RS.

Apparently when Switzer engineers heard about the GT2 RS they were rolling on the ground laughing! because their car has nearly 300 more horsepower. It develops 911 hp.

Switzer Performance reveals 911 hp Porsche 911 GT2! switzer 911 gt2 7

But having more power doesn’t necessarily means that R911S is a better car than the GT2 RS. Of course the tuner has done a good job tweaking the chassis and suspension.

They have fitted it with titanium inverted-front-strut, remote-reservoir suspension. No idea what that is, but they say it provides racing-grade handling precision. The car also features a special carbon fiber body package for the sake of lightness and better power-to-weight ratio.

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