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Anderson Germany Audi S8

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Audi S8 is a great car. Fast, elegant and sporty, while remaining as comfortable as a limousine.

But it does look a bit undramatic for its capabilities. No worries though, you can fix it with this treatment from Anderson Germany tuning center called the Superior Grey.

Anderson Germany Audi S8 Anderson Germany Audi S8

The car gets a nice and subtle body kit with add-on parts at front, sides and rear. But the real highlight is the color scheme. The matte grey of the body is complemented by the tinted windows, smoked lights, and massive black wheels. It’s very cool.

This is the old S8 of course with the Lamborghini V10 engine. The new one gets a new V8. But neither of them really need any upgrades.

Anderson Ferrari 599

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German tuner Anderson decided to visit an old friend and prepared a package for the Ferrari 599.

The black stallion features a complete and discrete body kit with front bumper add-on parts, side skirts and the rear bumper, as well as the rear diffuser all made of lightweight, but high-strength carbon fiber. The highlight of the exterior is ANDERSON Germany Black Diamant Metallic” with glossy black racing stripes and red rims alongside the windows and tail lights toning.

Anderson Ferrari 599 Anderson Germany Ferrari 599 1

The V12 engine now makes 674 hp, which is 54 hp more than the standard car thanks to the new ECU and exhausts. The exhaust system which can be adjusted by remote control in two sound stages has also been installed.

The connection between this car and the road is secured by the size 9’ x 21’ three-spike shiny black rims with red trimmings coupled with 245/30-21 tires. You can also choose size 12’ x 21’ rims with 345/25-21 tires.

Anderson Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition

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Anderson Germany has come up with a new tuning program to benefit Ferrari 458 Italia.

Thing is, the whole point of tuning is to make a car better. But at least visually, we’re not sure they done this right. The Carbon Edition 458 looks a bit, well, ghastly.

Anderson Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition 2

The body kit includes front lip spoiler, front bumper flaps, wider side skirts, a modest rear lip spoiler, engine air outlets, window air intake grille and front bumper ventilation grid. All the black bits you see are made of carbon fiber.

An upgraded engine provides no less than 623 hp for this car.

Anderson Porsche Panamera Red Race

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Anderson Germany’s latest tuning package for Porsche Panamera is very complete, but it definitely suffers from lack of taste.

they have given it everything, from a massive body kit with new bumpers and spoiler, two-toe color, carbon hood and trunk, lowered suspension, upgraded engine, and new interior. But it’s not a desirable car.

Anderson Porsche Panamera Red Race Anderson Germany Red Race Edition 2

The tuned engine is the best part of it, in which Anderson using performance air intake system and sport exhausts, increase the power from 500 to 580 hp.

As for the wheels and tires you get 10×22-inch wheels finished in gloss black with red outer lip, and wrapped in 265/30-22 tires at the front and 295/25-22 at the back.

Anderson Germany Maserati GranTurismo S

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The latest tuning package fro Maserati GranTurismo comes from Anderson Germany, and it’s a thorough one.

The car gets a carbon fiber aero kit with revised bumpers, spoiler lip, side skirts, rear diffuser, rear spoiler, and new exhausts placement. These sport system adds 12 more hp, and with some ECU refinment the power goes up from 440 to 492 hp.

Anderson Germany Maserati GranTurismo S Anderson Germany Maserati GranTurismo 1

The body is then wrapped in a matte black coat and complemented by black 21-inch wheels. The interior is also completely revamped with lots of carbon fiber and leather and alcanatara with red stitching plus a top-notch audio system with PS3 and stuff!

There is too much modifications on this car!

Anderson Germany Ferrari 430 16M

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If you are kinda bored with the looks of your Ferrari 430, Anderson Germany has a conversion kit that turn your car into a special edition Scuderia 16M version.

In terms of bits and pieces, you get new front spoiler, air dam, side skirts, Scuderia rear grille and new exhausts, plus the Scuderia’s famous stripe but in yellow. So while it does look like a Scuderia, it won’t fool Ferrari aficionados.

Anderson Germany Ferrari 430 16M Anderson Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider 2

The yellow/black theme is found all over the car, and on the 20-inch wheels, and on the interior, where you get a sea of black leather and Alcantara with yellow stitching and engraved emblems.

Last but not least, Anderson tweaks the car’s V8 from 490 to 570 hp. That is the best part of the package.

Anderson Germany Ford Focus RS

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Anderson Germany always picks the best cars of each class for their upgrade and tuning programs. So when it came to hot hatchbacks, they went to the king of the hill, the Ford Focus RS.

Reminiscent to the Focus RS500, this Focus RS gets a matte black paint job with the same massive kit as the RS500. It looks menacing in this color specially with the black wheels garnished with red brake calipers and rim’s outer lip.

Anderson Germany Ford Focus RS anderson focus black 2

The best part of this car is the engine which is uprated from 305 to 420 hp. That much power in a front wheel drive car is a recipe for chaos, but the car features a limited slip differential to make sure it won’t mess things up.

The interior is quite interesting too, with lots of leather and Alcantara and diamond-cut red stitching.

Ferrari 458 by Anderson Germany

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Anderson Germany has done the same thing they did to the Aston Martin DBS to the Ferrari 458 Italia as well. But this time they seem to have overdone it a bit because the car is so black all over you can hardly notice its face!

That’s because not only they’ve painted in in a glossy black, they’ve also blacked out all the grilles and smoked all the lights and tinted all the windows. This must be an order from Darth Vader!

Ferrari 458 by Anderson Germany Anderson Germany Ferrari 458 Black Carbon 2

They’ve also used a lot of carbon fiber for added style on the bonnet, side mirrors, front bumper, rear diffuser and also on the 21-inch black wheels. They come with yellow brake calipers which is a nice touch.

An engine upgrade to 620 hp and an interior package with leather, Alcantara and of course carbon fiber trimming round things up for this car.

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Aston Martin DBS By Anderson Germany

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If you think Aston Martin DBS is actually too elegant and you want to trade some of its charm for more showing off, Anderson Germany’s new kit is just the thing for you!

The call it the superior black, and it comes wrapped in black matte black foil, and black 21-inch wheels and blacked-out grilles. The only contrasting parts on the outside are the red brake calipers.  This black treatment certainly makes the DBS more of a head-turner but it’s not just as majestic and prestigious as the standard car.

Aston Martin DBS By Anderson Germany anderson aston dbs 2

They’ve done the same thing with the interior but with more red bits. You get lots of carbon fiber, leather and Alcantara which is nice, but it’s now like sitting in a ghastly night club!

Besides the visual upgrades, Anderson also provides you with 560 hp hp which is 50 more than the standard car.

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Audi R8 Hyper Black by Anderson

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The Hyper Black is the latest tuning kit for the Audi r8 available and it’s a work of Anderson Germany tuning center from Dusseldorf.

As the name of this car suggests, it has a black theme all over which is surprisingly cool. Usually all-black cars don’t really work as a beauty, but mirror black actually suits the R8. Specailly with the tinted windows, black wheels and those contrasting orange brake calipers the car is a visual sensation!

Audi R8 Hyper Black by Anderson anderon r8 hyper black 2

Anderson has also done a good job mechanically. They’ve provided a new exhaust system that along with some ECU revisions bump the power up to 589 hp and sheds 22 kg off the weight of the car.

The interior package is the other good part of this fine package. Two-tone orange and black upholstery, a chunky steering wheel and more carbon fiber parts on handbrake handle, the radio visor, the ashtray, the handles of the seat adjustment, door panels, and the side panels of the center console and shifter surround, result in a cool and sporty cabin.

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