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Avus upgrade package for Audi S4 Quattro

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Audi specialists form Avus Performance tuning center has released a new package for the S4 sedan Quattro.

Let’s start with the engine, where the standard 33 hp V6 powerplant is tuned up to 400 bhp and 540 nm of torque. And to show off its power, the car is equipped with a sport exhaust system and garnished with RS4/RS6 mufflers.

Avus upgrade package for Audi S4 Quattro avus audi s4 1

Avus has took a traditional approach tweaking the style of the car by staying away from busy body kits. They’ve just painted some of the aero parts in gloss black, lowered the car and put bigger wheels under it!

These new wheels are 20-inch Schmidt CC-line 3-part black wheels wrapped in Hankook Ventus S1 Evo tires size 255/30/20.

BMW M3 by Avus Performance

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BMW M3 E92 has got a fantastic engine with 420 hp, so when it comes to tuning, most of the tuners decide to leave it alone as it’s pretty damn good in its standard form!

So they go for the styling. But there’s a problem here as well, because the E92 is the best looking M3 ever made and to change it radically would ruin the whole design. That’s why most of the jobs for this car are quite subtle.

BMW M3 by Avus Performance  Avus Performance BMW M3

Take this Avus Performance M3 for example. They give the car a carbon bonnet, carbon spoiler lip, a carbon diffuser and 20-inch mate black wheels plus lowered suspension. And that’ about it! You don’t want to mess with a good thing anyway.

Avus also provides interior packages which presumably have a lot of carbon fiber in them!

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Audi TT-RS by AVUS Performance

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The Audi TT-RS in its standard form is everything but underpowered! This little beast uses a five-cylinder Turbocharged engine with 340 hp which by anyone’s standard is a lot specially in a car the size of a shoe!

But AVUS Performance wanted to craze it off! So they;ve come up with a Matte Black edition of the car which has an insane 460 hp and 472lb/ft of torque! How are you going to keep it in check?!

Audi TT RS by AVUS Performance avus performance audi tt rs 1

This amount of power which by the way is only 30 less than what you get in the Ferrari F430, is achieved through some serious ECU modifications and a new high performance exhaust system.

Performance figures for this car are announced as 3.8 seconds to reach 60 miles an hour from standing still and top speed of around 195 mph.

Audi TT RS by AVUS Performance avus performance audi tt rs 2

The looks of this special TT-RS are also enhanced significantly, mostly thanks to the matte black foil that AVUS has put on the car.

It also comes with gloss black 20“ Sportec wheels with 255/30/20 Hankook tires which cost 6400 Euros a set! Thanks to the new coil-overs in the car’s suspension, it’s become lower so the wheels look very very cool inside the fenders.

Nissan GT-R Batmobile

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AVUS Performance has created a monstrous Nissan GT-R which they believe can be the next Batmobile. Well, maybe they have got a bit carried away!

The reason they call it the Batmobile is partly because of the full matte black foliation which alone costs 2,500 Euros, and partly for the extra power they have put under its bonnet.

Nissan GT R Batmobile AVUS Batmobile Nissan GT R

The AVUS GT-R comes with an updated ECU and modified exhaust system (2 cats and the middle silencer have been removed), therefor it chucks out 580hp and 700 nm of torque, supercar level.

Another nice touches that boost the Batmobile’s charm include coil-overs suspension which drop the car by some inches and the 20 inch black rims that fit in the fenders perfectly.

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