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B&B VW Beetle 2012

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Love your new 2012 VW Beetle, but it’s a bit too slow? No worries.

B&B has come up with a rather substantial tuning program for both the 2.0 liter and 1.4 liter turbo engines.

B&B VW Beetle 2012  BB 2012 VW Beetle 1

The 1.4 TSI gets an upgrade from 160 hp to 210 hp & 285 Nm (136 lb-ft) or 225 hp & 310 Nm (228 lb-ft) through ECU refinement, or to 240 hp & 340 Nm (251 lb-ft). using some fancy turbo system and sports exhaust system.

The 2.0 liter meanwhile gets the same ECU and mechanical treatment, but it offers 5 different stages. The standard 203 hp output is raised to 240 hp, 250 hp, 265 hp, 295 hp and 320 hp. The fastest version does 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds.

B&B Audi A7

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German tuner B&B has a new package for the Audi A7 sportback, both petrol and diesel versions.

The 3.0 liter TFSI petrol engine gets different stages of electronic upgrades from its standard 330 HP. The first stage offer 345 hp, but if you spend more B*B also offers packages with 408 HP as well as 520 Newtonmeters, and 425 HP and 540 Newtonmeters.

B&B Audi A7 BB A7

As for the diesel, the 204 HP output is taken up to 250 HP in the first stage. Next stages offer 272 HP stand and 495 Newtonmeters and 300 HP and 520 Newtonmeter. Your choice!

Visually they lower the car with pneumatic suspension and offer new wheels in sizes 19, 20 and 21-inch.

Audi R8 B&B

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If you ever felt the need your Audi R8 V10 could do with a bit more horsepower, B&B has a pacakge to give you that extra umpf.

With some new exhausts, air filters and intake systems, as well as revised electronics, the power goes up form 525 PS and 530 Nm to 610 PS and 600 Nm of torque. That’s a healthy amount.

Audi R8 B&B BB Audi R8 V10 1

It is so much in fact that can take you from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and up to 330 km/h.

Other features added to the car by B&B include coilover suspension and 19 and 20 inch wheels.

B&B Audi RS3

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Audi RS3 is indeed one of the hottest cars in its class with standard power of 340 PS and 450 Nm of torque.

Still if it doesn’t float your boat performance-wise, B&B has an upgrade kit that 410 PS and 560 Nm, and even if that is not enough, they can raise it to 425 PS and 580 Nm.

B&B Audi RS3 bandb audi

That must enough, right? No? Well, lucky for you they also offer a 450 PS and 600 Nm kit. There’s one more stage for the lunatics who still want more, and it offers 510 PS and 680 Nm. That’s the power of an Aston Martin DBS in a hatchback Audi. AS a result of that it can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 310 km/h.

The visual changes have been less successful, specially those new wheels, which look ghastly.

Golf GTI Edition 35 by B&B

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B&B has come up with three stages of power upgrade for the VW Golf GTI’s 2.0 liter turbo engine.

Stage 1 includes larger turbocharger, a special sport exhaust system with larger downpipe and high-performance catalyst, plus ECU remap and offers healthy 310PS and 420Nm for €1198.

Golf GTI Edition 35 by B&B VW Golf GTI Edition 35 2

Stage 2 at €2798 includes a special downpipe, optimised air induction and airflows, and offers 326PS and 450Nm. And finally stage 3 offers 362PS and 510Nmwith a B&B Special turbo, a modified intake system, optimizing the intercooling system and a sport exhaust system with appropriate electronic adjustment. The third one cost nearly 9,000 euro.

For further upgrade you can get sports springs for €298 and 4 or 6-piston brake calipers for €3795.

BB Automobiltechnik VW T5

Author arman    Category Volkswagen     Tags

The business of tuning vans is heating up, apparently, as more and more tuners try out this field.

This is the Volkswagen T5 2.0 TSI by BB Automobiltechnik, and first thing you have to know about it is that it has 320 horsepower and 495 Nm of torque. So already this is one of the fastest vans in the whole world.

BB Automobiltechnik VW T5 BB Automobiltechnik

To cope with the speed of the thing, which is in excess of 228 km/h, BB has also fitted it with lower springs (€348), adjustable coilovers (€1,598), front and rear stabilizers (€498) and a 4- or 6-piston high performance brake system (€3,795).

And if you want the engine upgrade program, and you do of course, tha’ll be 12,950 euro!

B&B VW Scirocco R

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VW recently launched two ultra hot hatchbacks based on the new Golf and Scirocco. They come with a R badge and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine developing 310 hp.

German tuner B&B has already done a package for the Golf, so now it’s the turn of the Scirocco R to get that nice treatment! They offer 324 and 362 hp packages.

B&B VW Scirocco R B B VW Scirocco R 1

The most powerful version can do zero to 100 km/h in just 4.9 seconds and it has an unbelievable top speed of 280 km/h.

Other features of this car include coilover suspension which is 30mm lower than standard, high performance brakes, and 20-inch sport rims.

B&B tunes 2010 VW Golf R for more power

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Newly introduced VW Golf R is already considered as one of the best hot hatchbacks of 2010, but German tuner B&B has come up with a power package for it which redefines the word “Hot” !

They don’t mess around with the design or the interior. In fact the only visual factors are lowered ride height and big black wheels and even they contribute more to the performance than to the looks.

B&B tunes 2010 VW Golf R for more power bb vw golf R 3

But under the hood where is the magic happens! Thanks to a bigger turbocharger, better cooling system, new sport exhaust system and a remapped ECU, you can now have the Golf R with 310, 324 or 362 horsepower.

The top of the line 362hp version has supercar-like performance with a 0 to 100 km/h sprint time of 4.8 seconds and a top speed of 280 km/h.

450hp Audi TT-RS by B&B

Author arman    Category Audi     Tags

B&B’s latest tuning package for the Audi TT-RS is the closest thing to a modern day Ur-Quattro. The Audi specialists at this German tuning firm has given it a whole lot more power which results in mind boggling performance!

Of course the standard TT-Rs with its turbocharged five-cylinder engine is far from weak, but B&B tweaks it at different levels, offering different levels of power. The Stage1 which contains ECU modifications and some turbo pressure increment gives you 410 hp and 560 Nm of torque.

450hp Audi TT RS by B&B bb audi tt rs 1

But if you want a tuned TT-RS you should go for the stage2 which has 425 hp and 595 Nm, thanks to further increase of turbo boost.

And then if you are insane, choose the stage3 which also comes with a new set of racing grade exhausts in addition to other changes. And that’s good for a healthy 442 hp and 625 Nm of torque. But what if you are completely mad?! Well, then go for the stage4 in which you get a full 450 hp and 640 Nm of torque!

450hp Audi TT RS by B&B bb audi tt rs 2

The most powerful edition of the car is capable of doing 0-100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds and has a top speed of over 300 km/h. It is supercar performance in a car that is as easy to use as a vacuum cleaner!

Audi A5 Cabriolet by B&B

Author arman    Category Audi     Tags

As an Audi specialist, the tuner B&B has announced an extensive program for the A5 model which includes both visual tweaks and performance upgrades for the all of the engines in the range.

As far as styling matters, B&B Audi looks twice as cool as the original car thanks to the modified suspension which drops the car by 40 mm and new 20 inch designer wheels with 255/30R tires.

Audi A5 Cabriolet by B&B bb audi a5 1

And as for the engines, well B&B got something for everyone! Let’s start with the 333hp 3.0 liter V6 engine which is also used in the S5, by optimizing the turbo boost, modifying air intakes and a sport exhaust system, it now develops 415hp and 520nm of torque.

Then there is the 3.0 liter diesel engine for which tuner has three stages of tuning. There are different levels of modifications for different prices, but in essence you can have this engine with 280, 300 or 325 hp with 640 nm of torque. That is a significant increase over the standard 240 hp!

Audi A5 Cabriolet by B&B bb audi a5 2

The other option is the 2.0 liter TFSI petrol engine. There are four upgrade levels here, you may have it with 250, 260, 295 or the full beef 310 hp with with 465 nm of torque. The additional amount of power in this engine is mostly achieved by playing with the turbochargers!

And finally if your Audi has the 2.0 liter TDI diesel engine, B&B has done that too! The original 170 hp here can be upgraded to 200 or 220 hp upon your request.

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