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Honda Accord Tuning

Accord is a masterpiece from Honda which has earned recognition, praise and admires from everyone across the globe. Honda Engineers are proud of the amazing design and awesome technology in Accord. Not only it tops the category in physical appearance but is renowned for its stability and tremendous power.

How many of us would dare to experiment with such a world class vehicle? Many enthusiasts who want to boast as the proud owners of a tuned up Accord do go for such a high risk.

Lets us begin in a step by step manner and see how to go about the process of tuning an Accord.

Honda Accord Tuning honda accord tuning

The engine of Accord has shown great resistance and toughness throughout its career. For Pro-Street purpose, we need to make an important swap. Though many such swaps give compatibility scares to owners, but as a matter of advice we suggest the H22A swap. It is recommended as one of the best Accord mounts. It is not as easy as it seems. From cutting, tweaking to general rearrangements it is a daunting task. Always check the existing suspensions, intake and fuel system for compatibility issues with the swap.

The exhaust system of ’93 Accord is one of the best till date. A 4-3-1 header with the exhaust system of ’93 Accord is a great combination. If you go for the H22A swap, you definitely need more breathing space and a better intake for your Accord. A MAP from the same vintage ’93 Civic DX Mount would work perfectly well.

The size of the injector needs to be changed as well to match with the previous two configurations.

Have you thought about Transmissions? Well, to match the current performance parts we go with the contemporary H22A gearbox. We also need the Stage 2 or Stage 3 clutch kit for softer gear transitions.

Every enthusiast has Pro-street ambitions in mind and hence we need to get high quality flywheels. An ultra light version is a much needed necessity for racing purpose while a light one could be used for the purpose of drag.

Everyone needs speed, for the purpose of which Nitrous boosters and super chargers were engineered. Though they are added assets but still they add great wings to your Accord for racing needs. Turbo MR2 which has the backup of V8 strength is a great power booster for Honda Accord.

Going for some style as far as the physical attributes are concerned, we need some medium level finishing touches. mTm headlights and crystal indicators make the Accord even more beautiful. Stylish leather seat covers in black and steel grey add amazing looks to this wonderful creation.

You might want to add a double hoofed spoiler on the back and side skirts on both sides of the car. The spoiler accompanied with side skirts won’t only provide elegant looks but also give it the much needed stability at high speeds.

Honda Accord has always ruled the roads with its looks and powerful performance. You should always keep in mind that you do not disturb this image with your tuned up version.

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