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Impul Nissan Juke

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Who would look at the Nissan Juke and think that’s too conservative, I wish it was more shouty and in-your-face?!

Well, as it turns out Japanese tuner Impul thinks that way! And they’ve designed this kit to visualize their perfect Nissan Juke. This must be the weirdest car in the world.

Impul Nissan Juke Impul Nissan Juke 1

Impul kit for Nissan Juke includes a front spoiler, a new grille, side skirts, a diffuser thingy at the back and a really really big spoiler that looks like a handle for the whole car!

The tuner also tunes the 1.5 and 1.6 liter engines of the Juke, but no performance figures have been announced.

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