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VW Golf VI By JE Design

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VW specialists from JE Design has came up with a new dress for the Golf VI. It includes a body kit and also performance upgrade, details of which to be announced later.

It also comes with very fine leather upholstery for the interior.

VW Golf VI By JE Design JE DESIGN VW Golf 6

The body kit consists of revised front and rear bumpers, carbon fiber spoiler lip, side skirts, new diffuser and new tailpipes along with a carbon rear spoiler.

And finally, a set of coilover suspension which drops the car by a few inches, perfects the effect of the kit.

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2010 VW Polo by JE Design

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Volkswagen specialist JE Design has prepared a new package for the lovely little Polo which like all of their other kits is so ostentatious!

The car gets a full body kit consisting of front spoiler, side skirts, rear skirt with a diffuser and twin central exhausts. It also gets a new grille and a two-ton paint job.

2010 VW Polo by JE Design Je Design 2010 Volkswagen Polo

JED’s Polo LED daytime running light which have two function: when the dipped head lights are on, the LEDs are dimmed into parking light mode.  When the dipped head light mode is off, the LEDs sparkle brighter in the daytime light mode and therefore improve the traffic safety.

2010 VW Polo by JE Design Je Design 2010 Volkswagen Polo 1

The tuner fits the Polo with a modified suspension system which is lower by a good 35 mm than the standard, but you may also order the more expensive KW coilover suspension made of stainless steel which can lower the car up to 65 mm.

The package also includes 17 or 18-inch multi-spoke black wheels and leather interior. JE Design is also working on performance upgrade for all of the engines in the range.

2010 Seat Leon FR by JE DESIGN

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With every new Seat model, there will be inevitably a modified JE Design version! and that’s a good thing because this tuner always does a fine job.

So what they have to offer for the 2010 Leon FR? Well, the first thing you notice on the car are the Lambo-style wing doors which alone cost 1499 Euros! The other parts of the kit consists of a new front spoiler with a double lip, side skirts, a rear skirt attachment and a rear diffuser.

2010 Seat Leon FR by JE DESIGN JE DESIGN Seat Leon FR 1

The car also gets a suspension system which is lower than standard by 35mm, 19-inch sport wheels with 225/35R tires and sport exhaust mufflers for the sake of a deeper roar.

2010 Seat Leon FR by JE DESIGN JE DESIGN Seat Leon FR 2

Deepest modifications however, are done to the engines. JE Design has plans for both petrol and diesel models:

For the 2.0 lite TFSI petrol unit which has 211 hp standard, the tuner offers an ECU treatment which increased the power to 270 hp (199 kW). The maximum torque leaps from 280 to 355 Newton metres.

And as for the 2.0 liter diesel engine which develops 170 hp in its factory form, they’ve come up with a new Can-Tronic unit which boots the power right up to 204 hp and the torque from 350 to 380 Newton metres.

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