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VW Golf VI TSI by Lexmaul

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For those who want the very efficient Golf VI 1.4 TSI but are not satisfied with the performance, or those who can’t afford the Golf GTI, Lexmaul has released a new performance package.

They provide an electronic module which can be easily connected on the engine and increases the power from 160 to 193 hp by pressing a button inside the cabin. The torque also goes up to 291 nm. Like this your TSI turns into a GTI!

VW Golf VI TSI by Lexmaul Lexmaul Volkswagen Golf 6 TSI

The car is also fitted with a new stainless steel sports exhaust system with 100 series tailpipe on each side. This system optimizes the flow of exhaust gases from the catalyser and also gives the Golf a more sporty engine noise.

The full package can be had for 1,369 Euros.

VW Golf GTI by Lexmaul

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Opel tuners at Lexmaul has recently tried their hand on modifying the VW Golf GTI, and by the looks of things, they done a good job!

The first stage of this program is boosting the power. For 899 Euro Lexmaul readjusts the engine’s electronic controllers and increase the power from 210 to 257 hp and the torque power form 280 to 380 nm.

VW Golf GTI by Lexmaul lexmaul golf gti

The tuner also offers a complete new set of exhausts which comes with two 100mm tailpipes for the sake of a cooler rear view! This system costs 619 Euro.

So there you go! a light and reasonably priced package for your Golf GTI.

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