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Mansory McLaren MP4-12C

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Mansory unveiled its package for the hottest supercar of the year, the McLaren MP4-12C.

Looks-wise, the kit includes a new face with a heavily revised bumper and LED lights, plus an air splitter and a new carbon fiber bonnet, plus wide fenders and side sills, a rear diffuser and wing.

Mansory McLaren MP4 12C Mansory McLaren MP4 12C 1

As for the engine it gets a high-performance exhaust system, a new engine-management system and a sports air filter with increased airflow, so in stead of 608 PS it makes 670 pS, with 675 Nm of torque.

There is also an interior kit if you are interested, with sports steering wheel, the aluminium pedals and the real carbon-fibre elements.

Office-K Mansory SLR Roadster Renovatio

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This is what happens when you go tune a car over an already heavy tuning  job.

Office K in Japan has done just such a thing and tweaks a Mercedes SLR fitted with Mansory Renovatio body kit.

Office K Mansory SLR Roadster Renovatio Office K Mansory SLR Roadster Renovatio

The whole car is finished in exposed carbon fiber which in combination with the Renovatio’s show-offy body kit really makes the car in your face. As if that wasn’t enough it also gets some massive rims.

The engine is also tuned to 700 hp and as a sign of its inner power it gets some seriously mean looking side exhausts.

New Bentley Continental GT Mansory

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Swiss tuner Mansory releases first pictures of their tuned Bentley Continental GT, the new one.

And it’s business as usual. The body is revamped with a new carbon bonnet, carbon wings, side skirts, rear diffuser carbon spoilers, and new tailpipes as well as a set of 10.0J x 22-inch wheels finished in black with 295/25ZR22 tires. Simply put, it’s not a good look.

New Bentley Continental GT Mansory mansory new Bentley Continental GT 1

The interior is also classic Mansory, two-tone red/white leather with contrasting stitching and new carbon fiber trims for that little extra something. You also get aluminum pedals and door sills.

As for the performance, they have fitted the engine with a revised ECU, new high performance air filters and exhausts systems so it makes 672 hp and 780 Nm of torque.

Audi R8 Spyder by Mansory

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Mansory is back with a new definition for vulgarity.

They’ve souped up this Audi R8 Spyder with a carbon fiber body kit including a front spoiler lip, new bonnet, side skirts, newly designed side vents, a rear wing and a revised rear bumper with air vents and rear diffuser. All the bits are made of naked carbon fiber.

Audi R8 Spyder by Mansory Mansory Audi R8 Spyder 2

They also hook you up with wheels of size 8.5Jx20 inches with tyre dimensions 245/30ZR20 at the front. At the rear, 11.0Jx20 sized rims with tyre size 305/25ZR20. The suspension has also been dropped.

A very red interior package and 30 more horsepower for the V10 engine are other parts of this package.

BMW 7 Series by Mansory

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This BMW 7 Series by Mansory had been revealed before but they now released details of the package.

looks-wise this BMW 7er only appeals to the rich guys with no taste, or in other words Mansory’s typical customers! These guys just want their cars to show off their wealth, to be as flash as possible. They don’t care about style. That’s the case with this kit with that hideous face and mediocre rear-end.

BMW 7 Series by Mansory MANSORY BMW 7Series

Inside the cabin you get an ergonomically re-designed sports steering wheel plus upholstery and trimming in exotic materials like carbon or burl wood, leather or ultra-suede.

Mansory also offers performance kits for the models 750i and 760 Li, consist of an optimised engine electronics combined with a sports air filter, capable of 360 kW / 490 hp and 720 Nm torque with the 750i as well as 470 kW / 640 hp and 920 Nm torque with the 760Li.

Mansory Ferrari 458 Siracusa

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Siracusa is the name of Mansory’s latest Ferrari based on the 458 Italia.

They silently unveiled this car at the Geneva Motor Show and wowed the crowd with amazing visual features and the carbon fiber goodness that has totally revamped the looks of the 458. In a way you could say it’s inspired by the 599 Stallone.

Mansory Ferrari 458 Siracusa MANSORY SIRACUSA 1

A thorough body kit with a new front bumper, carbon hood, blacked-out roof, carbon hood, rear wing, side skirts, and exquisite grilles as well as a new rear diffuser. The kit has reduced the weight of the car by a healthy 70 kg, but it seems they’ve kinda ruined the 458′s aerodynamic efficiency though!

Mansory has also tweaked the V8 engine from 560 to 590 hp and 560Nm of torque. A carbon fiber-trimmed leather-wrapped interior and a set of 20-inch front, 21-inch rear wheels completes the package.

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Mansory Cormeum Mercedes SLS

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It really pains us to say this since we are big fans of Mansory, but this car they’ve made base don the SLS is absolutely idiotic.

The Cormeum as they call it has a terrible body kit with a silly nose and an ostentatious rear-end. Also for reasons that are not clear for us they’ve replaced the stock headlights with Ferrari 599′s!

Mansory Cormeum Mercedes SLS MANSORY Cormeum SLS 1

What’s more the body is made of exposed carbon fiber which adds up to its idiocy. On the upside, it makes the car almost 90 kg lighter. that in combination with the 660 hp / 485 kW V8 engine makes the Mansory SLS very fast.

As for the wheels, the car gets 9×20 inches with 265/30er tyres at the front and 11×21 inches with 295/25er tyres plus 20mm lowered ride height.

Mansory Cayenne Turbo

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Swiss tuner Mansory is planning big for their home motor show in Geneva .

One of their big premieres is this unique Porsche Cayenne tuned to destruction! This is based on the Cayenne Turbo but while the standard car churns out just 500 PS, it kicks out no less than 690 PS.

Mansory Cayenne Turbo mansory cayenne new 1

But the most important thing about this car and indeed all Mansory cars are the looks. So it gets a massive body kit with everything made of carbon fiber. It even gets a new bonnet, flared arches and a big rear diffuser which these days have a more visual impact than aerodynamic use!

A set of 22-inch wheels and carbon fiber trimmed interior round up this package.

Mansory BMW X6M

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Check out Mansory’s latest creation, the BMW X6M.

The same recipe of extravaganza body kit and massively powerful engine are applied here to create a unique ride. But in terms of beauty and style, it’s far from perfect.

Mansory BMW X6M bmw x6m mansory 1

The car’s biturbo V8 engine is boosted to 670 HP / 493 kW and 950 Nm of torque. That results in 0 to 100 km/h sprint time of 4.2 seconds and top speed of just over 300. To cope, Mansory has fitted the car with sport suspension and bigger brakes.

Mansory BMW X6M bmw x6m mansory 6

Also contributing to the looks and grip, are the set of 23-inch M10 silver-finished, cast, monoblock 23-inch wheels wrapped in 315/25R23 tires

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Range Rover Sport by MANSORY

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Mansory did it again! Another overdone package or a fine luxury car, this time the Range Rover Sport.

As you would have imagined, it is ghastly! the body kit they offer for the car includes all new bumpers, vertical LED lights, new grille, a new bonnet with a very big hole in it, flared wheel arches 60 mm width in the front and 80 mm at the rear, massive side skirts, rear diffuser, tailpipes and spoiler.

Range Rover Sport by MANSORY range rover sport mansory 41

The interior package is not good either, as might actually feel a bit overwhelmed with the brownness of it!

Range Rover Sport by MANSORY range rover sport mansory 7

The engine is the only interesting part, where they’ve added sports exhaust systems, sports air filters and optimised ECU to gain an extra 30 hp 40 Nm.

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