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MR Car Design Golf R32

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German tuner MR Car Design has come up with a kit for the good old Golf R32, the mark6.

This V6-powered R32 is still one of the hottest hatchbacks around and has an air of manliness about it! Compared to this, the civic Type-R looks bit, well, girly.

MR Car Design Golf R32 MR Car Design R32

Now MR has turbocharged the engine and done some other tweaks to arrive at an astonishing power of 465PS (342 kW) and 550Nm (406 lb-ft). That’s over the top.

To cope, the car also gets OZ Ultraleggera HLT matt and powder-coated in two colours – 9J x 19“ ET45 with 225/35 ZR19 high-performance tires, Stoptech 4-piston braking system with 355×32 mm discs, and H&R racing suspension components.

MR Car Design VW Caddy

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VW Caddy is of course a commercial van. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get a nice tuning job!

MR Car Design volunteered to give it one. The main feature of it however is an advanced air suspension system with remote adjustability system and everything. They’ve also used Rotiform-alloy wheels (8.5 x 19 inches) with 225/35-19 tires.

MR Car Design VW Caddy MR Car Design VW Caddy 4

The company MR Car Design from Erftstadt has virtually transformed the high roof combi presented here in gleaming silver. The air suspension on the front and rear axle is adjusted comfortablely, and the height being at the front as well as at the rear is adjustable either remotely or automatically. This train of thought has been continued by Marcel Reil and his crew. The remarkable result is that this Caddy III is also available with air suspension for the rear axle.

Both with an ABE (general operating permission) and with a UBB (clearance certificate) from VW. It means that this Caddy III with MR Car Design can be quite well transformed for the needs of people with disability (ies) in a couple of seconds. In addition, this version is made for craftsmen with extreme load because of the leveling.

Renault Clio RS by MR Car Design

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Since the Clio RS was introduced as the new hot hatch Renault, it’s been under criticism for not being exciting enough. Some even called it boring.

Now MR Car Design takes matter into its own hand, trying to liven things up a bit for the little French car. Unfortunately though, they haven’t put their back into it!

Renault Clio RS by MR Car Design Renault Clio RS MR 1

The engine is tuned, but only lightly using some software optimization and an Akrapovic exhaust system, and it only makes 220 hp. Not Enough.

And as for the looks, all they have to offer is some smoked lights, tinted windows and a set of black 18-inch wheels with 225/35 tires. Oh, there’s some pointless graphics on the sides as well.

MR Car Design Maserati Quattroporte

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Maserati Quattroporte is so cool you would not want to ruin it with aftermarket kits.

But this one from MR Car Design is a good one since it doesn’t mess with the aesthetics and just add a set of new rims and a bit more power. It doesn’t change the recipe, it just tweaks it.

MR Car Design Maserati Quattroporte Maserati Quattroporte by MR Car Design

They have added a stainless steel exhaust system with 76mm pipes. The software has been discreetly optimized as well, and added 30 hp and made it to be 430 hp now and also 480 Nm of maximum torque.

As for the wheels, they’ve used 9×22 inch Vossen rims at the front axle with 245/30R22 tires, 10,5×22 inch rims at the rear axle with 295/25R22 tires and fifteen millimeter spacers in the rear axle. They come with H&R springs that lower the car by 30mm.

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MR Car Design VW T5 Transporter

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One if the best tuned commercial vans we’ve ever seen comes from MR Car Design’s garage.

It is based on the VW T5 Transporter and is called HAWAII Deluxe. The T5 itself is a rather good-looking van and MR’s changes only made it better. They’ve added a front spoiler, rear diffuser, four exhausts, front grill, fog light inserts, and side skirts.

MR Car Design VW T5 Transporter mr car design vw t5

They’ve also fitted 22-inch, black finished TN4 Tomason wheels under the car with 265/30-22 tires and lowered suspension.

They have also upped the output of the car’s engine to 208 horsepower and 487 Nm of torque. Thanks to the new exhaust system it also sound much nicer. So there you go, a van GTI!

MR Car Design Ford Focus RS

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Even though this version of Ford Focus has been replaced with the 2012 model those who want the hotted-up RS model have to wait another year or so to get it.

Or, they can get an old RS, which is still a pretty good car, and have it tuned to make it even more interesting. Check out this one by MR Car Design as a good sample.

MR Car Design Ford Focus RS mr car design ford focus rs

First off the tuner has boosted the power of the 2.5 liter five-cylinder turbo engine up to 360 hp, 55 more than the standard, using sport exhaust system featuring 200-cell catalytic converter, ECU remapping, and K&N air filters.It now does zero to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds.

Then to cope with the extra performance the they’ve provided it with KW coilover suspension Variant 1 and bigger brakes. For that little extra something the car also gets some visual tweaks.

MR Car Design 2005 Mercedes SL65 AMG

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If you are the proud owner of a 2005 SL65 AMG or the same gen as an 05 model, you can enjoy a bit of modification on your car thanks to MR Car Design.

They took the good old Merc and first off tweaked its engine by fiddling with the ECU and stuff and found another 80 hp and 110 nm of torque from that titanic V12 biturbo.

MR Car Design 2005 Mercedes SL65 AMG mr sl65 2

Unfortunately, changes to the exterior were a little bit less successful as the kit they’ve put together is not very cool. They get a new nose from Kicherer, and a rear bumper form the new SL63 AMG as well as 20-inch forged rims from Carlsson.

It does make the old car feel a bit fresh though.

Audi Q7 by MR Car Design

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MR Car Design has a tuning kit for the Audi Q7 V8 which includes modifications for body, engine and the interior.

For the exterior, MR adds a set of LED indicators so your old Q7 would look like the 2011 model, and also installs MRGT22 9.5×22-inch wheels wrapped in 265/35-22 tires finished in matte black. The go well with the overall bold style of the car.

Audi Q7 by MR Car Design mr car design q7 2

As for the engine, thanks to the optimized electronics and K&N air filters, the powers goes up from 326 to now 374 hp and the torque from 760 to 970 Nm. The interior treatment will give you a sport steering wheel from Audi RS6.

The overall cost of the package is about 11,000 euro.

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VW Golf R by MR Car Design

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MR Car Design’s new package for the Volkswagen Golf R is more about the powertrain than styling.

By modifying the car’s ECU and installing a new sport exhaust system, MR tuners managed to increase the power from the standard 270 hp to 330 hp. The torque is also upgraded to 450 Nm.

VW Golf R by MR Car Design mr car desgin golf 1

On the outside you get a set of 10-spoke 19-inch lightweight alloys, which are complemented by suspension components from H&R that lower the ride height, enhancing both the looks and handling.

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MR Car Design VW Touran Racing

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Not sure how many van drivers actually use their car to race, but in case you are interested to try it make sure you get this set of wheels!

It is the VW Touran Racing by MR Car Design and apart its sporty looks, it also has a big power.

MR Car Design VW Touran Racing MR Car Design VW Touran 2

It has 223 HP and 457 Nm of torque, which has been achieved by adjusting the engines electronics, sport exhausts, and big intercoolers.

The Racing Touran also gets a new front spoiler, side skirts, and rear apron with twin exhaust pipes, in addition to the 20-inch RS wheels and sport suspension.

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