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Superchips Abarth 500

Author arman    Category Fiat     Tags

Super chips got hold of a Fiat 500 Abarth and thought there is more to get from that 1.4-litre turbocharged engine just by fiddling with electronics.

So they got their ICs and stuff out and got busy remapping the car’s ECU.

Superchips Abarth 500 Superchips Abarth 500

Extensive dyno testing by Superchips proves that its new ECU remap for the Abarth 500 raises power by a maximum of 22 bhp at 5654 rpm, with gains from the 1368cc FIRE turbocharged engine from just 2000 rpm all the way to the 6500 rpm cut out. This highlights the linear, progressive nature of the Superchips upgrade as its Abarth 500 ECU remap places great emphasis on delivering a driveable, user friendly performance.

Suitable for all Abarth 500 models produced from February 2009 onwards, the Superchips ECU remap is priced at £455.00

Citroen DS3 Racing by Superchips

Author arman    Category Citroen     Tags

British tuner Superchips has come up with a new ECU kit that benefits Citroen DS3′s 1.6 liter engine.

In-house dyno testing of the Citroën DS3 Racing by Superchips reveals that the ECU conversion produces a maximum power gain of 26 bhp at 6312 rpm.

Citroen DS3 Racing by Superchips Suerchips Citroen DS3 Racing

Superchips has also placed great emphasis on improving the low speed and mid –range performance of the DS3 Racing’s EP6CDTX engine. Throttle response is noticeably improved, while torque increases from 2000 – 6750 rpm, culminating in an impressive peak gain of 46 Nm at just 3130 rpm.

So with a gain of 26 bhp and 46 Nm of torque, the car is expected to achieve 6.5 seconds 0-60 mph time and 149 mph top speed.

Superchips Audi A1

Author arman    Category Audi     Tags

This time Superchips picked a more contemporary cars to tune!

They’ve come up with a kit for the Audi A1 1.4 TFSI. Power is boosted by a maximum of 26 bhp at 6168 rpm, with increases from as low as 2000 rpm right throughout the operating range, up to the rev limiter at 6500 rpm. The Audi A1’s torque jumps by 28 Nm at just 1917 rpm.

Superchips Audi A1 superchips a1

In practice the Superchips upgraded Audi A1 1.4 TFSI Sport feels considerably more rapid. Independent testing has shown that the Superchips upgrade shaves a massive 1.1 seconds from the Audi A1’s quoted 8.9 seconds 0-60 mph time, clocking the sprint in just 7.8 seconds

Pricing for this brilliant kit, which is available through the 80-strong Superchips network in the UK, priced at £455.

Ford Fiesta Zetec by Superchips

Author arman    Category Ford     Tags

As I’m sure you know Superchips is an expert in engine tuning solely through ECU upgrade. Their latest project is Ford Ford Fiesta Zetec S and they’ve given it 10 extra PS.

The Mk7 120 PS 1.6-litre Ford Fiesta Zetec S has been optimised through a mixture of dyno tuning and real world road testing, enabling Superchips to extract an additional 10 bhp at 5986 rpm from the Fiesta’s 1.6-litre Ti-VCT twin independent cam timing engine, with torque increasing by 13 Nm at 4390rpm.

Ford Fiesta Zetec by Superchips Fiesta Zetec

That’s not much really, but it’ll make the Fiesta Zetec S feel more exciting, sportier and more responsive right through the rev range, making everyday driving more pleasurable. Good new is the car’s 48 mpg fuel economy remains intact.

Suitable for all Mk7 1.6-litre 120 PS Fiesta Zetec S models produced from 1st October 2008 onwards, the Superchips upgrade is priced competitively at just £249.00 including VAT.

Superchips MINI Cooper S R56

Author arman    Category Mini     Tags

The latest EC remap kit from Superchips benefits the MINI Cooper S R56 phase two by adding a remarkable amount of power.

The 1.6 liter turbo 180 hp engine will get an extra 25 bhp and 32 Nm of torque with the help of Superchips electronic kit. That results in smoother drive, faster acceleration and overall better driving experience.

Superchips MINI Cooper S R56 Superchips MINI Cooper S R56

What’s best is that you can maintain the 48 mpg fuel economy of the car intact if you drive the car in the usual manner.

Available for Phase two’ 181 bhp R56 MINI Cooper S models produced from March 2010 onwards, the kit is priced at 455 GBP and comes with a three year warranty.

Superchips Ford S-MAX

Author arman    Category Ford     Tags

The latest ECU remap kit from British electronics specialist Superchips benefits the owners of the Ford S-Max powered by 2.0-litre direct injection ‘Ecoboost’ engine. They can enjoy an extra 40 bhp and 67 Nm of torque for £455.

Dyno testing has proven that the Superchips ECU remap for the 2.0-litre Ford Ecoboost S-MAX results in a power gain of 40 bhp at 5648 rpm, with performance increasing from 1500 rpm to the rev limiter. Similarly, the Superchips remap noticeably increases maximum torque, which jumps by 67 Nm at just 2065 rpm.

Superchips Ford S MAX superchips S MAX

As always, Superchips kit won’t affect the car’s 35 mpg combined fuel economy very much if you drive it responsibly but it will enhance overtaking and the overall feel of the car.

The kit also comes with 12 month / 30,000 supplementary full vehicle warranty.

Renault Megane 250 by Superchips

Author arman    Category Renault     Tags

UK tuner Superchips who specializes in engine electronics released a package for the Renaultsport Megane 250 that adds an extra 49 bhp and 66 Nm of torque.

That is a huge gain for some ECU refinements! The total output of the Renault’s engine is now 302 bhp and 370 nm of torque. The extra power results in an even faster performance and smoother driving experience.

Renault Megane 250 by Superchips Superchips RenaultSport Megane 250

The good news is that despite all the benefits of the kit performance-wise, the 33 mpg fuel consumption of the car remains unchanged.

Superchips has priced the kit 455 Pounds and offers a 12 month warranty for it.

Superchips Ford Fiesta

Author arman    Category Ford     Tags

This last couple of months UK tuner Superchips was busy coming up with kits for pickup trucks or old offroaders!

But finally they come up with a package for a car that is hugely popular with young dudes, those who are most likely to tune their car. It’s the Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi.

Superchips Ford Fiesta superchips fiesta

Superchips ECU remap kit for the car’s turbodiesel engine gives an extra 23 bhp and 36 Nm of torque. It doesn’t matter if you have the old model, or the more recent 2010 version. With the extra power you get sharper, more fulfilling and rewarding drive, with power gains right through the engine’s operating range.

And the price? Only 399 Pounds including installation and VAT and Warranty!

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Ford 2.0 TDCi by Superchips

Author arman    Category Ford     Tags

The electronics gurus at Superchips UK tuning center released a new ECU package this time for the 2.0 liter TDCi Ford engine.

This 163 PS unit powers a wide range of cars in the UK including Galaxy, Kuga, Mondeo and S-Max.

Ford 2.0 TDCi by Superchips ford 2 tdci

The high performance ECU remap package will extract 22 bhp and 89 Nm (65 lb.ft,) out of that engine, which obviously has its effect on the performance. But amazingly Superchips claims that it also enhances fuel efficiency due to the extra low rev torque available.

The kit priced at £399.00 including VAT.

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Superchips Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Author arman    Category Porsche     Tags

Superchips is offering the easiest and most affordable for you to get a bit more power out of the 3.0 liter V6 engine if the Cayenne Diesel.

Well, not a bit really! You get 47 bhp and 82Nm of torque and that’s actually a lot. The ECU remap kit by Superchips increases the power without affecting the car’s fuel consumption.

Superchips Porsche Cayenne Diesel superchips cayenne diesel

What’s more, becasue you get more torque from lower rpm, you can accelerate and overtake more easily. So effectively it can reduce fuel consumption!

The price of this kit is £445.

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