TopCar Porsche Panamera Crocodile

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On the surface this Panamera looks like the other Porsche Panamras TopCar has done with the magnificent Stigeay GTR kit.

It gets massive bumpers, flared arches huge wheels and a dark shade to give it a very mean look. It is fabulous. But the interior is where this Panamera has the edge over the other models.

TopCar Porsche Panamera Crocodile TopCar Panamera 6

You see, most tuner are happy to just put as much carbon fiber as they can inside the car. For Top Car carbon is a bit yesterday. So they decided to go for the most lavish wood available for the trims. Then for that extra something they used crocodile leather for dashboard and some real gold for trimming bits and pieces.

Total cost of this fab car is just over 550,000 USD.

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