Unichip Tunes Range Rover Diesel V6

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Range Rover TDV6 is the most economical version of the magnificent SUV powered by a 3.0 liter V6 turbodiesel engine that manages 30 mpg which is brilliant for a car for this size and type.

It is how ever a bit down on power as it makes 259 bhp and 502 lb.ft of torque in its standard form. But Unichip has a new ECU kit that can make things a little bit better bu adding an extra 22 bhp and 23 lb.ft of torque.

Unichip Tunes Range Rover Diesel V6 unichip tdv6

This plug and play U-Connect kit will result in a total 281 bhp at 3031 rpm and 525 lb.ft at just 2241 rpm and can be fitted to all Range Rover 3.0-litre TDV6 models from September 2009.

The kit enhances low speed pulling ability for towing, caravanning, off-road performance and overtaking but won’t affect its 30 mpg fuel economy, so there is no compromise in that matter.

This kit will cost you £423 including installation. It is also invisible to dealers and won’t mess up your normal service intervals.

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