Vath Mercedes C250 CGI

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If you have big lumps of money and you want a high performance Mercedes C-Class, you obviously get the C63 AMG.

But if you are short on cash, do not despair because you can still have just as much fun! And that’s because of this car, Mercedes 250 CGI by Vath.

Vath Mercedes C250 CGI Vath Mercedes C250 2

The standard power of the car’s four-cylinder engine is 204 hp. But Vath can provide either 255 or 270 hp, due to some electronics upgrade and, air intake modificaitons and sport exhaust system. You can choose what you want based on your budget.

Vath Mercedes C250 CGI Vath Mercedes C250 3

They also tweak the appearance and the interior. There is a carbon kit for the body with a sport bonnet, spoiler lip, side skirts, and boot lid wing as well as a rear diffuser. The cabin also get a nice carbon trim package.

Vath Mercedes C250 CGI Vath Mercedes C250 8

The last parts are the 19-inch lightweight alloy wheels (8.5 inch wide at front and 9.5 inch wide at the back) wrapped in 235/35ZR19 and 265/30ZR19 tires, and sport suspension which is lower than standard.

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