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The VW Bora is more commonly known as the VW Jetta and by the way the word “Jetta” means jet stream in German.  While the VW Bora is mainly a mid tier family sedan, for those that have been fortunate to be handed one down from a parent as a first car, they can be modified nicely.  While earlier generations of the VW Bora were kind of boring and very boxing- not even to mention lack of any power or performance, today’s VW Bora offer quite a fun driving experience and definitely do have the opportunity of being modified not only for more speed, but lots of performance.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a huge market for tuning the Bora, since after all it is supposed to be a refined family vehicle, however, since many of the parts on the Bora are shared with other vehicles, most notably the VW Golf, there is opportunity to purchase components that can definitely boost performance and speed in the Bora.

The Bora generally comes in two styles- both not the most attractive option for tuners.  The first is the 4 door sedan, the second is the 4 door station wagon.  Either way, if you are looking for something sleek and sexy in the Bora- no dice!  While earlier generations of the Bora were very under powered- especially seen from the point of view of a tuner, the last generation of vehicles which is currently in its fifth generation offers some decent power and styling.  There are two main engine types- the OTTO which runs on petrol and the diesel engines which surprisingly pack a punch- if you opt for the largest one- the 2.0 liter I4 TDI that delivers a peppy 200 horsepower.  On the petrol side, the engines range from puny- offering a 1.6 100 hp, all the way to a workable 2.0 liter I4 TSI which delivers 200 hp.

VW Bora Tuning Volkswagen Bora

Generally speaking, there are a few ways to tune the Bora and while your options are limited due to the body style, you can still add decent performance and even some power.  First off, you will probably have to say no to the idea of adding a body kit to the family station wagon, even if you can find a manufacturer willing to design one, it won’t look that cool.

VW Bora Tuning VW Bora1

Additionally, while a dual exhaust or a modified exhaust can help increase power, again, the aesthetics of a large, finely tuned exhaust on the back of a family car isn’t really what most tuners find pragmatic.  However options that should be considered include a modified ECU (engine control unit) chip that can reset the stock settings of your engine and transmission from economy to somewhat more performance settings- hopefully boosting your vehicle by 5 to 20 horsepower and also a larger intake, breather element and air filter- which can get very decent results on the combustion of your engine.  Other modifications worth looking into include adding more performance rated tires and wheels and high performance brakes to your vehicle.

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