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While there are definitely a few VW vehicles that are great for tuning, one car that at first seemed quite bland, but ended up being quite capable of some decent mods was the VW Lupo.  The VW Lupo was produced from 1998 to 2005 and while at first it was meant to fill in a specific need for a smaller, city car that the Polo grew out of.  The VW Lupo is very small and light weight.  Not to mention that during its production, the VW Lupo also included a variety of engines that filled the gamut from very weak to pretty peppy.  If you are looking for a tuning project or have already in your possession a VW Lupo, this car can become a great mod project.

The VW is All About Economy

First off, when considering modifying the VW Lupo, you should take into account the many small engines that were sold with this vehicle.  For instance, the smallest engine was a 1.0 liter I4 which barely got you up a hill.  However, there was a TDI version that was very peppy, especially for a vehicle this light.  For instance, there was a 1.6 liter GTI and a 1.7 liter SDI version as well.  All of the vehicles were built on the A00 platform and it should be noted that the successor of this car was the VW Fox.  For those looking to tune the Lupo for horsepower, you will be hard pressed to get any real power out of the much smaller engines.  For instance, the 1.0 liter I4 delivered a whopping 49 horsepower.  For a serious power increase, you may want to consider swapping in a more powerful power plant, that is if you are set on modifying the Lupo drastically in the first place.

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Lightweight and Relatively Fun to Drive

While the VW Lupo doesn’t boast lots of power, it is lightweight and relatively fun to drive.  There are plenty of ways to modify this vehicle, many usually work on the exterior aesthetics; after all, it is a super mini city car, which means that tricking out the body, wheels and lights make this car a definite eye catcher.  Since the Lupo has found plenty of tuner fans, there are plenty of accessories available including body kits for it.  Besides adding some flare to this vehicle, many choose to upgrade the lighting, possibly adding neon ground lights and LED lighting for braking, signals and the interior.  By the way, the hatchback sometimes called a hot hatch offers enough space to place a decent set of woofers and an amp.

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Adding Wheels

Another option for tuning this vehicle is adding a new set of wheels.  Obviously, the economy tires won’t cut it for those looking to mod this vehicle.  You can find some wide wheels and definitely place them on some shiny chrome rims for maximum effect.  While the Lupo definitely has many drawbacks, it also has plenty of decent options for those that are looking for a hobby car to modify.

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