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Volkswagen is a not only a popular vehicle, but one that is a great choice to tune.  While many would suggest that Volkswagen is more a company based on economy, creating vehicles more for families, instead of fun, many VW owners would surely disagree.  VW is one of the top cars to tune for a wide variety of reasons.  First off, it doesn’t take a large budget to purchase a VW, whether new or used.  Secondly, these cars are built to be efficient; this includes being relatively lightweight which can be a big plus for tuners looking to boost speed and handling.  And lastly, VW parts and modifications are widely available, making it easy for a tune-freak or just someone looking to add some extra performance to their vehicle find the parts, technology and community to do it easily and effectively.

VW Cars to Tune

While VW manufactures a wide variety of vehicles that are sold all over the world, two favorites for tuning include VW Polo and Golf.  Not only are both of these cars compact and easy to afford, but recent models of these vehicles offer the ability to be tuned for both extreme speed and performance.  When looking to tune a VW Polo or Golf, look for a vehicle that already has a larger engine in it- this will help you from the very beginning to boost performance and speed.  These vehicles come with plenty of engine options, however opt for the larger 1.6 L or 1.8 L; however the smaller 1.3 L or 1.4 L engines will still do.

VW (Volkswagen) Tuning VW Volkswagen

VW (Volkswagen) Tuning VW Volkswagen1

Air Intake and Exhaust Modifications

As with pretty much all cars, there are easy ways to give a car more performance and there are more complicated ways of doing so.  Generally speaking, one of the easiest and by the way, more affordable way to boost speed in your Golf or Polo is to increase the air intake, as well as open up the exhaust system.  Generally speaking, there are plenty of air intake upgrades available that are not only affordable, but easy to install.  An increase in air intake will allow your engine to be more efficient at combusting fuel, usually giving you a decent boost in horsepower.  The same thing is true with a less confined exhaust.  By opening up the exhaust, perhaps adding a wider exhaust manifold or even adding a dual exhaust you can bump up horsepower as well.

VW (Volkswagen) Tuning VW Volkswagen.

Complex Modifications

More complicated and yes, more costly approaches to tune your VW include adding a turbo charger or nitros oxide.  Unfortunately, for amateur mechanics, you are going to need professional help and tools for this tune.  There is not much room for error when installing a turbo charger, especially when things go wrong, you not only can lose the purchase price of the turbo charger, but also blow your engine as well.  However, an installed turbo charger or nitros addition can easily add more than 50 horses to your engine, giving you true tuner bliss.

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