WheelSTO Project1 BMW 135i

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This amazing 1-series BMW you see here is the outcome of American tuner WheelSTO’s project1.

Regardless of its amazing appearance which looks thirty times better than the standard car, it also comes with a lot of horsepower under the bonnet! Upon request, WheelSTO can tune the car’s 3.o liter turbo engine with 327, 376 or 414 hp.

WheelSTO Project1 BMW 135i wheelsto bmw 135i

The 135i has been lowered using H&R suspension kit and thanks to that magnificent bodykit, it has a killer look from every angle. The car is fitted with a new exhaust system which apart form increasing the power, has also a very nice soundtrack and two a pair of twin tailpipes for extra sportiness.

The tuner has put black painted Advan RZ 19-inch wheels under the car wrapped in Yokohama high performance tires, which are the perfect match for the car’s black paintjob and carbon fiber parts.

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