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Office K Bentley Continental GTC

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The Japanese tuners of Office K are earning themselves a reputation in tuning high-end luxury cars, in a good way.

Here’s their take on the Bentley Continental GTC, and it looks a stunner.

Office K Bentley Continental GTC  bentley continental gtc K

The body kit on this Bentley looks pretty neat, with revised bumpers, new side sills, and flared arches. The car also gets new mesh grilles for every air intake, and smoked lights for a meaner gaze.

The wheels are painted in a mix of blue and black which also continues inside the car. The GTC has also been fitted with a sport exhaust system.

Prior Deisgn Bentley GTC Aero Kit

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With the new facelifted Bentley Continental GTC now available, chances are the prices will drop on the current version.

That is a great opportunity for those who always wanted one, but couldn’t afford it. It is still a great looking car and thanks to kits like this one from Prior Design you can make it even cooler, and still pay much less than what you would for a brand-new GTC.

Prior Deisgn Bentley GTC Aero Kit aeroprior

The kit Prior has made includes a front spoiler lip a new grille, vented bonnet, side skirts, a tail spoiler and a cool rear diffuser with two pairs of new lack tailpipes.

It is hardly sporty, but it’s majestic and prestigious. The wheels are nice too!

Vorsteiner Bentley Continental 2012

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The new Bentley Continental GT gets its first body kit from the American tuner Vorsteiner.

This is a full-on body kit complete with front spoiler, side skirts, rear spoiler, and rear diffuser plus four tailpipes. But it’s not showy and that’s a good thing.

Vorsteiner Bentley Continental 2012 Vorsteiner Bentley Continental BR 10 1

Vorsteiner is actually an expert in making sporty yet dignified body kits. And with a luxury car such as the Continental, it’s great they didn’t get carried away.

The car also benefits form a set of optional 22-inch 5-spoke Forged Aluminum Monoblock, wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 Tires.

Vorsteiner 2012 Bentley GT

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The new Bentley Continental GT is starting to get its tuning kits one after another.

Here the Americans at Vorsteiner announced their effort to make the GT look better with a subtle, yet effective styling pack. Made out of carbon fiber up to the highest qualities, Vorsteiner’s kit is a real elegant package.

Vorsteiner 2012 Bentley GT Vorsteiner New Bentley Continental GT 1

As for the details, it includes front spoiler, some nicely designed side skirts, boot-lid spoiler, and a carbon rear diffuser. They are sporty and discrete. That’s a hard trick to pull.

You will only need a set of decent wheels and some suspension lowering for a perfect ride.

New Bentley Continental GT Mansory

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Swiss tuner Mansory releases first pictures of their tuned Bentley Continental GT, the new one.

And it’s business as usual. The body is revamped with a new carbon bonnet, carbon wings, side skirts, rear diffuser carbon spoilers, and new tailpipes as well as a set of 10.0J x 22-inch wheels finished in black with 295/25ZR22 tires. Simply put, it’s not a good look.

New Bentley Continental GT Mansory mansory new Bentley Continental GT 1

The interior is also classic Mansory, two-tone red/white leather with contrasting stitching and new carbon fiber trims for that little extra something. You also get aluminum pedals and door sills.

As for the performance, they have fitted the engine with a revised ECU, new high performance air filters and exhausts systems so it makes 672 hp and 780 Nm of torque.

Imperium New Bentley GT

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To keep up the pace Imperium Automotive from Edinburgh announced an updated kit for the Bentley Continental GT, the new model.

The kit includes a newly designed front bumper with grille, air vents and visually lowering sport side skirts.   The new rear apron design features a new boot lip spoiler, subtle rear diffuser and newly designed sports exhaust tips.

Imperium New Bentley GT Imperium Bentley Continental GT Audentia 1

The new Imperium Bentley Continental GT Audentia upgrade is strictly limited in production to only 50 units worldwide and is now available to order directly through Imperium with initial customers estimated to take full delivery within the next 6-8 weeks.

And the price of this British goodness? £25,000, plus a Bentley GT of course!

Bentley Continental GT by Imperium

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British tuner Imperium has just finished a one-off Bentley Continental GT for a rich customer.

this bespoke car gets unique design inside and out and is built to the exact specs of Mr. Customer. It really is the ultimate tuning job, because whichever you cut it, they’ve practically facelifted the car.

Bentley Continental GT by Imperium imperium gt

Unique body elements include front and rear apron upgrades, aggressive carbon exposed side skirts, subtle boot lip spoiler and rear carbon fibre diffuser. All new bespoke designed bodywork components are manufactured in the UK to the highest possible standards. It also benefits form one-off rims, optimised braking system, lowered sport suspension and ECU upgrade.

As for the interior, the owner has requested luxurious leathers, tailor made carbon fibre, refined wood trim, ultra suede or classic black piano finishes, plus a new steering wheel.

Prior Design Bentley Continental GT Cabriolet

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Here’s the Prior’s full body kit for the Bentley Continental GT Cabriolet, previosu gen, in the flesh. They have teased it a while back with some renderings which we didn’t really like.

The finished product though seems alright. The kit is indeed heavy and busy, but thanks to a cool color on top and some nice detailing, the Conti GT Cabrio is actually quite a good looking luxury car.

Prior Design Bentley Continental GT Cabriolet Prior Design Bentley Continental GTC 2

The front received a new bumper with integrated carbon fibre bottom lip, considerably reducing the updraft at the front axle. PRIOR-Design equipped the huge Bentley hood with two air inlets that evacuate used hot air from the motor space. Another new addition is the massive sports grille with two carbon-fibre air outlets on top. It also gets new side sills and a rear diffuser.

The highlight of the interior is the replacement of the wooden trims with carbon fiber ones.

Bentley Continental GTC by Prior Design

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Prior Design decided to take a break from tuning Mercedes cars and try its hands at a Bentley. We wish they hadn’t!

The Bentley Continental GTC they’ve picked up for this project used to be cool and good-looking car. But when they’re done with it, it’s pretty much ruined. That begs the question, isn’t the whole point of tuning making a car better? So what the hell is this?

Bentley Continental GTC by Prior Design Prior Design Bentley Continental GTC

They’ve revamped the looks of the car with new front and rear bumpers with a smiley face at front a modified bonnet and two totally ridiculous and pointless nostrils above the blacked-out grille. The rear-end  is dominated by a big diffuser and four new tailpipes. These exhausts also add a few more horses to the output. You also get new side skirts.

This is possibly the worst job we’ve seen from Prior.

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Amari Bentley Continental GT

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The new British tuner Amari Design started out business with a Lamborghini Gallardo but new packages are arriving fast from this supercar specialist.

Here’s their offer for the pre-faclift Bentley Contintinental  GT that can be ordered for both coupe and convertible and looks quite decent. considering the firm’s short life in business, it is actually pretty good!

Amari Bentley Continental GT Amari Design Bentley Continental GT 1

You get a revised front bumper with LED lights, newly shaped intakes and grilled and a massive carbon fiber spoiler lip. Around at the back you get a new and bigger diffuser, new exhaust tips and a pointy rear wing.

The tuner uses deep concave method for the wheels on this car which result in an awesome visual effect. The visual excellence is backed by a 750-hp W12 engine.

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