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Ferrari 458 with PUR 5IVE Wheels

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This is one of the most special styling packages there is for the magnificent Ferrari 458.

The main highlight of it is of course PUR Wheels’s 5IVE rims. The wheels come with a three double-spoke minimalist design. Size-wise they range from 19 to 22 inches. Available finishes include Modern Black or Lumiere Grey.

Ferrari 458 with PUR 5IVE Wheels Ferrari 458 Italia PUR 5IVE Wheels

Apart from the wheels, the body itself is painted in an awesome mirror finish. They could also go for a matte finish as it’s fashionable, but then it wouldn’t look so striking.

PUR hasn’t released pricing details of these wheels, but we don’t care because we Don’t like’em!

Vorsteiner VS-130 Ferrari 458

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The Ferrari 458 is such a perfect car that you can improve it by as little as adding a set of wheels.

But you have to choose the wheels right. The new Vorsteiner VS-130 set finished in black with yellow Ferrari center cap looks like the a good option.

Vorsteiner VS 130 Ferrari 458 Vorsteiner VS 130

These new lightweight five-spoke monoblock wheels feature a lightweight spoke design utilizing their latest spoke scalloping and undercutting technology, and a concave profiling for a cool look. It should also improve the car’s handling characteristics.

Suggested tires for these 21-inch wheels are eitehr Michelin PS2 Tires sizing 255-30-21F and 305-30-21R.

Prindiville Ferrari 458

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The third car the British tuner Prindiville has tuned on its relaunch is the Ferrari 458.

They have different packages for this supercar, but typically they all include a front bumper with a stainless steel mesh grills, side skirts, rear bumper, mirror covers, rear tailgate vents, rear spoiler and roof air duct. All parts are made of carbon fiber.

Prindiville Ferrari 458 Prindiville 458

What’s more the tuner provides you with a titanium exhaust system, which is up to 70% lighter, replacement sports 200 cell catalytic converters, an ECU upgrade, air filters and suspension kits.

That will give you the performance to match the new looks. A bespoke interior package is also available.

Kahn Ferrari 458 Italia

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British tuner Kahn turns attention to the gorgeous Ferrari 458 and try to make it a little bit better.

The 458 editions include a triple white version and a Rosso red version. The red one is the coolest featuring matt Pearl Grey finish to the Roof, matt pearl grey side skirts, matt pearl grey front and rear bumper sections, as well as sport suspension and 9×21” front and 12×22 rear alloy wheels finished in matt pearl grey with original center cap, plus yellow brake calipers.

Kahn Ferrari 458 Italia kahn 458 3

The white one is distinguished with wheels, the suspension lowering and red brake calipers.

The features and equipments include Leather central tunnel, Crema Daytona lights, Electro Chromatic Interior & Exterior, yellow rev counter, leather headlining and carpets and stitching in Bordeaux, AFS Light System, F1 paddle shift, instrument surround with LED’s, front elevator, iPod connectivity, satellite navigation, Bluetooth, front and rear park assist, high power Hifi with JBL speaker system, and…

Ferrari 360 by Fenice Milano

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Italian cars are usually best tuned by Italian tuners. Here’s an example by Fenice Milano based on the old Ferrari 360 Modena.

The looks is totally revamped and kinda modernized with -new front bumper, side skirts, and a revised rear apron with a diffuser. It also gets smoked lights, tinted windows, black tailpipes, and black 20-inch wheels with tires of size 225/30 in the front and 315/25 in the rear.

Ferrari 360 by Fenice Milano Fenice Milano Ferrari 360 2

Interior treatment includes a multimedia navigation center and a satellite alarm, as well as roll bars and sport seats.

With the improved aerodynamics and tweaked ECU and new exhausts the car now does 0 to 100 in 4.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 295 km/h.

Wheelsandmore Ferrari 599 GTO

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Wheelsandmore has big plans for the Ferrari 599 GTO as seen in this preview here.

They want to alter the looks of this exclusive Ferrari with a custom paint job featuring a bright yellow base, garnished with black stripes and roof. The same theme is applied to the wheels.

Wheelsandmore Ferrari 599 GTO wheelsandmore ferrari 599 gto

The wheels are size 9.0×21 inches at the front with tires 245/30/21 and 12.5×21 inches and 345/25/21 tyres for the rear. They also offer suspension upgrades, better brakes, and an engine tuning program up to 715 hp.

The thing is, Ferrari 599 GTO is a very rare supercar and if you’ve got one you better preserve it as it is, instead of fiddling with it.

Anderson Ferrari 599

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German tuner Anderson decided to visit an old friend and prepared a package for the Ferrari 599.

The black stallion features a complete and discrete body kit with front bumper add-on parts, side skirts and the rear bumper, as well as the rear diffuser all made of lightweight, but high-strength carbon fiber. The highlight of the exterior is ANDERSON Germany Black Diamant Metallic” with glossy black racing stripes and red rims alongside the windows and tail lights toning.

Anderson Ferrari 599 Anderson Germany Ferrari 599 1

The V12 engine now makes 674 hp, which is 54 hp more than the standard car thanks to the new ECU and exhausts. The exhaust system which can be adjusted by remote control in two sound stages has also been installed.

The connection between this car and the road is secured by the size 9’ x 21’ three-spike shiny black rims with red trimmings coupled with 245/30-21 tires. You can also choose size 12’ x 21’ rims with 345/25-21 tires.

Ferrari California 3S by DMC

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German tuner DMC’s package for the Ferrari California looks subtle, but it’s actually quite deep.

They’ve developed a new kind of silver carbon fiber to go with the silver color of this car and designed the aerodynamic kit with that. The front spoiler lip and the rear diffuser are both tested n wind tunnel.

Ferrari California 3S by DMC dmc california 2

The tuner has also tuned the engine with a set of Akrapovic exhausts system and enlarged injection nozzles and a new tailor made crankshaft. So the power goes up from 460 PS (338 kW) to 606 PS (446 kW) and the 0 to 100 time drops to 3.9 seconds.

Last but not least they’ve bolted a set of ADV1 wheels size 21 front and 22-inch at the rear.

Akrapovic Ferrari 458

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The exhausts masters at Akrapovis has a titanium system for the lavish Ferrari 458, which in fairness does improve the noise to some extent, but is mainly about performance and lightness.

They have designed a completely new aftermarket muffler system crafted entirely of titanium.* Incorporating dual mode exhaust valves, our triple exit system allows for a subdued sound at low rpm.

Akrapovic Ferrari 458 Akrapovic Fezza 1

With the EC Type approval Slip-On system installed a gain of 9 horsepower and 22 Nm of torque has become possible. If the high-flow catalysts are added a total of 11 horsepower and 26 Nm of torque will be achieved.

If both the muffler system and high-flow catalyst are installed, you will also benefit from a total weight saving of 14 kg. The carbon tips of this system also look very cool.

Anderson Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition

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Anderson Germany has come up with a new tuning program to benefit Ferrari 458 Italia.

Thing is, the whole point of tuning is to make a car better. But at least visually, we’re not sure they done this right. The Carbon Edition 458 looks a bit, well, ghastly.

Anderson Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition Ferrari 458 Carbon Edition 2

The body kit includes front lip spoiler, front bumper flaps, wider side skirts, a modest rear lip spoiler, engine air outlets, window air intake grille and front bumper ventilation grid. All the black bits you see are made of carbon fiber.

An upgraded engine provides no less than 623 hp for this car.

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