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Tell Tale Signs You Need to Change Your Engine Air Filter

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If you are not exactly a petrol head, it can be difficult to know when your air filter needs changed. However, there are some tell tale signs that you should watch out for that will hint that a new air filter is needed in your car. Below, we are taking you through these tell tale signs and that you need to be aware of.

Watch Your Gas Mileage

Are you finding that there is a noticeable difference in gas mileage? A decrease in your gas mileage is a big tell tale sign that your engine air filter needs to be changed. Your engine needs a good flow of air in order to work to its full potential and if your air filter is not working as it should then there will be limited supplies of fresh air getting to the engine and this will put an extra stress on your engine, causing it to work harder. So, if you are noticing that you are having to fill up your tank more often, then this could be the perfect time to get your air filter checked.

Tell Tale Signs You Need to Change Your Engine Air Filter car air filter 300x232

You Are Having Problems Starting Your Car

Are you having problems trying to start your car ignition? This could be another sign that you need to change your air filter. If it is dirty, fresh air is restricted from getting to the engine and this will affect the while control system of a car. A dirty air filter can place a film over your spark plugs, which then stops them from sparking properly.

Visually Check Your Air Filter

If you recognise these signs and think that you may require a new air filter, you will want to do a visual check of your air filter as this can be the deciding factor in whether or not you need a new one. A new air filter car colour is usually white or off white and if it looks very dirty or is full of debris, then it would be recommended to have this replaced. If the filter is grey or filled with particles then it will need to be replaced, although some particles that clog air filters may be too small for the untrained eye. You can use the car manual to find out exactly where the filter in your car is located.

Read Your Car Manual

All too often we sit around wondering what could be wrong with our cars, when the answer is right there in front of you in the car manual. A car manual will let you know a time scale for when your air filter should be replaced and this is usually between 12000 and 15000 miles depending on what vehicle you have. However, some car owners will have to change their air filter more often than others, including those who live in sandy areas. Follow the advice of your car instruction manual and replace it with their guidance., rather than waiting for even more problems to arise.

Free advertisement with Custom Car Decals

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In today’s world of social media businesses and freelance everything, self-promotion is a vital part of every successful venture. And when it comes to cheap, easy, on-the-money promotion, custom car decals and stickers are among the top solutions, not just for individuals and small businesses, but big corporations as well.

That is the reason they sticker up their company cars with the logo of the company and hand out free stickers with every purchase or in every freebie bag. Technically-speaking, a single car driving around all day can get more impressions, which is the number of times an ad (the name of the company, product, logo, etc.) is seen by people, than a prominent ad on a high traffic website. The cool thing is, there is no ad blocker for car decals!

Free advertisement with Custom Car Decals ClearDecals CategoryCover 300x105

So it’s something definitely worth considering by everyone looking to promote their business. It could be targeted, too. Let’s say you have just launched a dating app for university students. Hiring a dozen cars with stickers promoting the app and having them circle around various universities will get you a much better result than spending thousands on a supposedly targeted web-based ad. There is also the magic of QR codes now through which you can turn your sticker into a, virtually, clickable ad. Al people have to do is scan the code on the sticker with their phone’s camera and they get your app or visit the page for your product or service.

Now that is decal advertisement on a large-ish scale. If you run a home business, say, if you are a freelancer, or a handyman, or something along the same line, you can still advertise yourself for free by designing a custom sticker and showing it on your car. Okay, it won’t be completely free when you consider the cost of printing the custom decal. But it is maybe one thousandth the cost of other forms of promotion. And as we said above, because it is localized and heavily targeted, it could return greater result as well.

There is also something to be said for the placement of your custom sticker. With fun decals like the “Baby Onboard” stuff, people tend to put them on the bumpers or in the corner of the tailgate. With more professional ones, what you want to is put them in more prominent positions, such as the top of the windscreen, or on the front doors. This gives the appearance that your business is big enough to have its own branded cars, even if it’s just the one!

While we are not aware of any legal considerations with regards to the use of custom decals – apart from the obvious one, like refraining from the use of bad words or false information – it still pays to check with your local authorities as every place could be a little different.

How to Choose the Right Tyres?

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I don’t know about you, but I have been led astray so many times by mechanics and tyre shop owners who wanted to sell me something other than the item best for my car, that these days I tend to do the research and buy the parts I need myself. Here I will try to answer the question how to choose the right tyres, hoping it would help others who have taken on the task of getting their own tyres rather than relying on the dishonest shop keep who may need to unload a certain brand fast and therefore pushes it on you whether it’s what you need or not.

The first thing you need in your quest to shod your wheels with a new set of tyres is finding a good online vendor. I like because they have a huge selection of types and brands, and also because of their awesome search tool which enables you to choose every last detail of the tyres you need.

How to Choose the Right Tyres? Pirelli Cinturato P7 60 300x199

You don’t need to have a particularly strong knowledge of tyres, their tread and compound and the mysterious numbers on the sidewall, to find the right set. You can just put in your vehicle type and model and the type of tyre you need, summer, winter or all season. Of course, those who want to delve deeper and narrow their search based on the width, height, diameter and even speed and load indexes can enter those parameters as well. To find these figures you either have to consult your car’s user manual or check the sidewall of your current tyres. You will find something like this: 205/55 R16. The first figure is the width of the tyre, the second its height or profile, and the last one the diameter which is important because it has to match the diameter of your rims. The R means the tyre has radial construction.

You could choose a wider tyre for your standard wheels, and indeed many people do so, either because they think it looks better or they want more grip. Wider tyres have bigger contact surfaces with the ground and therefore have more traction. You shouldn’t go overboard though. If the standard set on your car has a width of 205, you can go up to 215 or even 225, provided you compensate for it with the height figure. The larger the width, the smaller the height. Now, this isn’t always a good trade. Larger height on a tyre means there is more give to it. So if it’s comfort you want, get a set of tyre with bigger height value. Of course, that would mean narrower width and a little less traction.

Another factor to take into account when choosing a new set of tyres is the compound. It is something an average user has to concerns himself with. But if, say, you have a car with hard suspension and you want to soften the ride a little bit, when tyres with softer compounds can make a big difference. Don’t worry, you don’t really need to know all the chemicals in the tyres for this. In fact, you don’t need to know about the compound at all. You just have to know what brand is known for softer compound and what brand does hard one. And for this all you need to do is visit a couple of internet forums and read other people’s experiences. For normal hatchbacks and sedans Michelin and Kumho are known to make delightfully soft tyres, whereas Hankook and Nexen are a little harder. As for the tread, as long as you have chosen the right type of tyres, i.e. winter or summer, it all comes down to which one you like best to look at!

The Fastest Amphibious Car in the World?

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The idea is not new. The design is not the prettiest. And the model is not the cheapest. Yet, the Sea Lion amphibious car aims for a place in history – it competes for the title of the world’s fastest amphibious vehicle.

The current record stands at 125 mph on land and 60 mph on water. According to the masterminds behind the project, the grey oddball creation can reach an impressive land speed of 180 mph. So the Sea Lion should have no problem to nab the title on the road. But it looks different on the water. It doesn’t have enough horsepower yet to beat the sea-speed record. The makers plan to exchange the 174 horsepower Mazda 13B rotary engine with a custom-built 300 to 600 horsepower Renesis Rx 8 engine in order to make it the fastest amphibious car out there.

The Fastest Amphibious Car in the World? sea lion

The Sea Lion is a unique design with only a few structural parts borrowed from other vehicles. It is made from tig-welded aluminium and a variety of CNC-machined components. The car has removable side pods that are used for flotation and can even carry cargo. According to M. Witt, the brain behind the Sea Lion, the design was created from a clean sheet of paper and was calculated to top previous speed records.

It remains yet to be seen if the Sea Lion can make it happen. It is competing against 25 amphibious vehicles that are being designed by different groups of manufacturers, scientists and super car lovers. Despite the big competition, the makers of the Sea Lion believe in its high potential and chance to win. The other designers are struggling to unite a fast car with a fast boat, says Witt. Some of the vehicles are either very fast on land but slow on water or the reverse.

The competition is unofficial and there are no written rules so the participants enjoy the total freedom of having a complete lack of guidelines. In case the competitors can’t decide which project wins, Guinness World Records is called in to settle the dispute. For the most part, though, a simple GPS display with a YouTube recording is accepted as speed documentation.

The Sea Lion might not be the fastest amphibious car yet but it’s for sure the most expensive one of the new cars for sale on the market. For a mere $259,000 the grey oddball creation can be yours.

HRE Vintage Wheels For Modern Cars

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HRE wheels has come up with a brilliant idea: to fit the modern exotic cars with vintage looking wheels.

The new sleek supercars look fantastic with the wire wheels or the old star-shape design. They are brilliant and are made bespoke to each car to match its color and finish.

HRE Vintage Wheels For Modern Cars hre vintage

HRE Vantage Series range from 18- to 20-inches, and are completely re-engineered as 3-piece forged wheels from quality aerospace-grade forged alloy

HRE Wheels President Alan Peltier said, “The process of recreating vintage designs that captured the style and essence of the originals was very exciting and challenging for all of us at HRE. These designs take us all back to the ’70?s and ’80?s when we were kids falling in love with exotics for the first time and truly becoming car lovers. Capturing all the character and magic of these designs, while ensuring they fit modern super cars and met our current engineering standards, made the project tougher than simply creating replicas of the original cast wheels. We found inspiration in those original designs but created wheels that reflect the HRE of today; wheels that are truly inspired.”

Eibach 2012 ERS Racing Springs

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The suspension specialist Eibach revealed its latest range of competition and racing springs.

Eibach’s ERS range has taken teams in almost every genre of motorsport to championship or race victory over the last two decades. 2011 saw wins and podium finishes in all top level series including, BTCC, CTCC, WRC, Le Mans, F1, NASCAR, SCORE and DTM.

Eibach 2012 ERS Racing Springs Eibach 2012 ERS

The new 2012 range sees many new fitments added, as well as the use of the finest grades of high-tensile steel to achieve class-leading block resistance and superior deflection. Barrel springs, dedicated off-road applications, plus a vast array of helpers and tenders are showcased, along with a simply stunning range of metric and imperial linear and non-linear winds in every popular diameter and length.

New accessories tailored for key markets have also been introduced for 2012.

Vilner Saturn Sky

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Bulgarian tuner famous for their interior work, gave the Saturn Sky a slight makeover.

The treatment, also available for Opel GT, includes an oriental blue exterior finish with a royal red and aureate interior. The body gets a pearl effect finish and comes with a spoiler lip and LED daytimers.

Vilner Saturn Sky Vilner Saturn Sky

For the interior, you can count on lots and lots of black red leather and black suede, and carbon fiber trims. The car’s dials are also modified while you get a carbon fiber steering wheel as well.

It’s a nice but somewhat overdone package for the Sky.

Kahn Range Rover Swiss Edition

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The Swiss Edition is the latest Kahn-tuned Range Rover Sport, and it’s a bit special.

And you have already noticed what is so special about it, the two-tone paint job. The black & white effect does give the Rangie a mean and aggressive look. It makes it look much cooler.

Kahn Range Rover Swiss Edition Project Kahn Range Rover Swiss Edition 1

Of course, Kahn’s RS body kit also plays a major part in the styling with flared arches and rear and front skirts, and so does the 22-inch RS wheels.

The car can be had with a supercharge V8 engine tweaked by Cosworth.

Lorinser Mercedes CLS 2011

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Every new Mercedes model get a nice treatment from tuner Lorinser, and the new CLS gets one of the nicest!

It’s not a busy kit, but it features front chin spoiler, tall side skirts, roof spoiler, bootlid spoiler, and a rear diffuser. It does look massive and with new side vents it looks hunkered down and sporty.

Lorinser Mercedes CLS 2011 Lorinser Mercedes CLS C218 1

Matte grey paint job and traditional Lorinser wheels are also part of the program, but you have different choices in these aspects to make your desired combination.

This is one of the best packages for 2011 Mercedes CLS we have seen.

Vorsteiner 2011 BMW 5 Series

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Lately we’ve been seeing lots of similar kits for the 2011 BMW 5 Series from different tuners.  And here’s another one!

This is one of the better ones by the renowned BMW tuner Vorsteiner and includes M5-look body kit that really improves the understated style of the 5er.

Vorsteiner 2011 BMW 5 Series Vorsteiner 2011 BMW 5 Series

It gets carbon fiber front add-on spoiler, new rear bumper with a diffuser and two new tailpipes that fit perfectly on each side of the diffuser and carbon fiber boot lid and roof wings. The new set of white multi-spoke wheels also suit this car rather well.

This is just a preview. The actual car is yet to be revealed.

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