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Fox Marketing Honda Civic Si

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Fox Marketing Honda Civic Si is a SEMA-bound car by the American company.

This little Civic has been given a big makeover and now looks sporty as hell, and powerful as… you know the word!

Fox Marketing Honda Civic Si 2012 Honda Civic Si Fox 2

The car gets massive engine treatment with a turbo kit and stuff and therefore churns out 450 hp. It also gets super sport suspension components, brake, Vossen wheels, and Toyo Tires.

Inside the cabin it gets sport seats and upholstery, while on the outside it gets flared arches, revised bumpers, vented bonnet, side skirts, diffuser and tail spoiler and Ultrasonic Blue Pear.

Wraptivo Honda CR-Z Type-F

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Wraptivo is preparing a heavily modified Honda CR-Z for this year’s SEMA show and they call it the Type-F. That F stands for fun!

As you see in this rendering, they are going to wrap the car in Matte Black and Carbon film and garnish it with an aerodynamic kit and sporty wheels.

Wraptivo Honda CR Z Type F Wraptivo Honda CRZ

That’s fine, but the CR-Z looks good as itself and what it really needs is some extra power. Wraptivo says they are going to take car of that either by providing with supercharger system, suspension package, an ECU Tune, exhaust system, and other components.

Let’s wait for the SEMA and see the result.

Mugen body kit for Honda Fit

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Honda Fit is quit popular as a small and efficient city car, but it’s mostly chosen by old people! Now though, thanks to Mugen’s new kit, you can buy this car even if you are seventeen!

Honda’s in-house tuner has tailored a nice outfit for the fit, which includes a new grille, revised bumpers with spoiler at front and a mini diffuser at the back, side skirts, and a big wing on the rear hatch. The tuner also offers five different sets of sport wheels for the car, consisting of two 16-inch and three 15-inch models.

Mugen body kit for Honda Fit mugen fit

Other modifications include sport suspension system, sport muffler, and improved braking pads. As for the interior, It has been given a racing spirit via sport steering wheel, gear knob, and aluminum pedals.

Honda CRX Tuning

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Honda, as the name suggests is one of the most premium brands of Asia. Not only do their cars rule the roads during day time, but their tuned up versions are devils at night. One of the most celebrated models from their kitty is the Honda CR-X, also known as Honda Ballade. Though it is the proud holder of some controversial history due to its acronym which means Honda Civic Renaissance Model X, yet it has rocked the European markets. More and more launches all across the globe have made this Honda vehicle more powerful in brand equity.

CR-X enthusiasts love their machine and tune it in thousand different ways, but they are surely one of the best. They have re defined the concept of tuning their cars. What if the engine is left untouched or the appearance still looks jaded? You would feel the gravity of this vehicle pulling you in to eventually admire the tuned up beauty.

Honda CRX Tuning Honda CRX 0

Honda CRX Tuning Honda CRX 4

Let us see some of the most economical tune ups first. One can opt for rio-red bodywork. What if you cannot afford the powerful Nitrous systems, you can still go with cold air intake and sports air filter. It would surely boost CRX’s performance by many a folds. It is better if we could manage to make the car lighter. For example, we can remove the power sunroof and let the top cover stay. Screwing it to the hood and covering it up with a big sticker surely relieves some good amount of weight out of the car.

Touching the more luxurious side brings in the much awaited heavy engine. A B16A swap or 1.6 sohc VTEC swap is more than enough for a heavy bhp output. A Horse-Power output which is around 140 is good enough to help CRX prove its mettle on the road. A level-1 Nitrous X-Kit should be good enough to boost the much needed performance.

Power windows and power mirrors add style to your beautiful CR-X.

Honda CRX Tuning Honda CRX 3

It is always good to revive some good old memories. CRX has seen some really amazing tuned up versions in the past. The 1991 CRX JDM is a modern man’s obsession in the perfect sense. Leon chose the celebrated Mugen’s theme and tuned up his baby, the ’91 JDM CRX which is renowned for speed and energy. Spoon Sports’ bolts, a star-studded JDM front end and crystal side skirts can turn this car into the big man on the road. The final touches include some cool flares, trimmed arches and recently launched wide carbon mirrors that look awesome on any car. Spoon callipers are always an added asset for your machine.

What can you do to animate the final touches to perfection? Brand new flat back wheels in the form of 16 inch Spoon SW338s shod in Falken Azenis rubber is a marvellous choice. You can always rely on adjustable Camber kit and a flexible suspension kit as major performance boosters for any car.

Fancy air-brush strokes of any animal skin would really transform this car into a beast.

After a tough phase, CRX has made a terrific comeback on Asian roads. The all new European launches have been bang on target as well. Let us pray that the golden era of CRX comes back with flying colours.

Honda Tuning

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Honda is one of the few brands across the globe that speaks for its brand equity. For more than 50 years it has been a dream brand for millions of individuals. It is one of the biggest engine maker and the 6th largest car manufacturer in the world. From names like Acura in North America, Hondura in Honduras and simply Honda in South-East Asia, Honda has made a huge impact everywhere.

Honda is the proud producer of Green cars, hybrid fuel vehicles and the all new efficient engines. Honda has amazed everyone with its 1% increase in sales due to heavy inflation while its competitors have lost the battle ground badly.

Honda enthusiasts have shown their love for old cars by tuning them and giving them the whole new rejuvenated look. From Snoop Dogg to Shaquiel O’Neil, Honda lovers are present in every corner of this globe. Let us go on a ride to look at some of the most astounding works in this field.

The legendary 2001 Acura Integra GS-R – Street Level is a Honda bomb on the road.

JDM kits are meant to design the front as well as the back appearances of the car. A 3-series kit for the front and a starter version for the back is a wonderful choice. A VIS carbon-fibre lip simply adds to the ecstasy. Wide body kits are very compatible for the overall looks of all Honda cars. An SRS module cover and a Castrol speed oil change with a blend of Volk CE28N wheel rims can make your 2001 Acura one of the hottest possessions on the road. The beauty of an Acura tune-up lies in maintaining the sensitivity of this car while upgrading its configuration.

Honda Tuning Honda3

1993 Honda Civic Si – Street Level is a modern day obsession in the perfect sense. This long forgotten model can incarnate itself into one of the finest tuned cars on the road. Engines that suit well for Civic Si are B22A2 and B22A3. The engine belts need to be changed as well since the diameter of these belts changes with the engine configuration. New Hankook alloy wheels look superb with Civic Si. A level 4 suspension could give you the wings it needs to show its style.

The legendary 1991 CRX JDM is another old war horse from Honda. An intelligent tune engineer will use the all new Mugen theme for appearances. Spoon Sports’ bolts, a JDM front end and black Zenon side skirts can turn this big boy into a real beast on the road. Carbon-fibre mirrors and side skirts accompanied by customized wide body kits are best suited for this car. Moreover, one can go for NOS 2.1X kit which can increase the turbo power.

Honda Tuning Honda4

The last and the latest bomb shell is the 2009 Acura TSX. The latest 2008 model with 2.4L K-series engine backed with a 4000 rpm power house and a compression ratio of 11:1 can give a whole new make-over to the car. Some final touches include a new compression kit and a level-3 exhaust. Some more money would fetch you a branded gear shift kit and round Step-2 disc brakes engineered with stainless steel.

Honda has a never ending chain of amazing, jaw-dropping models. Some amazing tune-ups of the past have proved that Honda models are meant for every level of tune-ups with almost impossible configurations.

Honda s2000 Tuning

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Millions of us around the globe are genuine admirers of Honda. The prime reason for this attitude is the manufacture of premium vehicles that Honda produces. One of the most cherished masterpieces is the Honda S2000. It is one of the most recent launches from Honda and there is some happy History attached to it. S2000 is the moment of celebration in 1999 when Honda celebrated its Golden Jubilee. The engineers wanted to make it a special moment; hence the S2000 came into life.

It is a renowned and powerful 2 seater with configurations varying from 2.0l to 2.2l engine. With an astounding output of 9000 rpm backed with a 240 bhp engine, it is truly a perfect piece for tune up crazies.

From handling to balance on speedy tracks, flexible suspension to instant torque ability, the s2000 is a perfectionist in almost every field. Such a powerful configuration is backed by powerful liquid brakes with stunning performance. If some experiment with the tune-up goes wrong, the whole tuning project can fail miserably.

Honda s2000 Tuning Honda s2000

Honda s2000 Tuning Honda s20001

Honda S2000 lacks in low end power and this could serve the purpose for our motivation to start up the tuning process. We have to introduce a good Sports exhaust accompanied by an induction kit to modify the VTEC momentum.

Since the front engineering is way beyond perfection, the only amendment that you can afford to do is to upgrade the valve springs and retainers that wither down with an astonishing rate. Customized springs can work wonderfully well for S2000 since they are very much compatible.

Honda s2000 Tuning Honda s2000.

One needs to increase the flow as well so as to keep up with heavy configurations. A 3 angled valve head used as an interface will act well. Usually a combination of 4 to 5 angles is more than enough but we have to use a 3 angled valve since there is not enough space within. Forced inductions are always the best component to increase the turbo content.

The compression ratio of 11:1 is not enough to boost up the performance. We have to upgrade the performance manually to bring down this ratio to a respectable 9.5:1. Such an act will automatically increase the power by 350 bhp.

Low gear-shift delays help in tremendous acceleration. If you’re looking for a better acceleration, then a lower ratio gearbox will boost up the acceleration. You can also increase the size of ventilated brake discs to 300 MM and get a final upgrade to an 18 inch wheel set. This can contribute towards a greater vehicle control during high speed pursuits.

Galvanized paints accompanied by strokes of air-brush can enhance the cosmetic looks to a whole new level.

The front end bra which is used for the 2004 model is well suited for the initial s2000 model as well.

S2000 is simply one of the most amazing works of HONDA. Hence any tune up projects in near future should be taken up with the help of a core professional. S2000 is more sensitive than its killer looks.

Honda Prelude Tuning

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Sometimes, legends take birth in extraordinary circumstances. Prelude is one such masterpiece that brought back Honda from some tough times in the market. Known as simply the best coupe from Honda, it has gained admirations from all across the globe. Though it would be an exaggerating statement at some point of time, yet it is true. A great history that kicked off in 1978, Prelude went on to get better and better on road. With 5 great versions of this model, its production was finally halted in 2001. It created vibes in 1988 when the 2.0l was launched for the first time. One surely praises the power of engine at that time which was pitched at an astounding 145 bhp.

There were surely some flaws but they were well compensated for at the same time. Though the bonnet was long and sleek, yet it tapered at the end to build a good front view of the road. The models that followed had their moments of success as well.

We have seen some amazing tune-ups in the past. The 92-96 Honda Prelude was recently spotted in Mexico. A metallic Navy blue was modified with flawless fittings. A thunderous engine voice and a jarring Nitrous oxide boost made all the difference in that car.

Honda Prelude Tuning Honda Prelude

Can you guess what else could have been different? The flexible suspensions were lowered to perfection using Koni Sport dampers. The sporty dampers were matched to Eibach Pro progressive Spring Kit with some clever engineering. The interesting thing that we noticed was the introduction of new alloys of 17” OZ Superleggera fitted with Toyo T1-R. Not only do they help in awesome grip but also stabilize the car during high speed races and drifts.

Things are not as easy as they look from outside. High speed cars need a powerful exhaust system to match its overall configuration. Exhausts can make or break the internal performance to a huge extent. A stainless steel kit studded with carbon side skirts is a great option. A 60-70 mm decat pipe would help the cause of keeping most things in control.

Focussing on the intake now, anyone would suggest you to use Prelude Type-S airbox and a K&N air filter. It obviously needs Shell V Power 99 Octane fuel with NGK iridium plugs. It is very important to maintain the fuel grade since Prelude’s major performance depends on this very factor.

Finally, if we look at some final touches, the H22 A2 boost would be the best configuration can really charge up your Prelude.

A new motor with a customized reverse limiter tuned to provide up to 8500 rpm is a great bonus. Auto Salon’ 16 inch F-16 Mugen is also a great addition to your Prelude. Water gauges play an important role in regulating the overall temperature of the car and hence it is important to keep them up and running. 1996 Honda Prelude Si is one of the rarest models you woud see around these days. It is hard to believe yet we spotted one in rural Tennessee.

    Honda Prelude Tuning Honda Prelude2

    JDM parts formed the real strength of this car and the clean finish and final touches are more than commendable. A H23 block with H22 parts is surely a big risk since a minor mix up can destroy all the effort. Suspensions, brake kits, aero-dynamics, exhausts and wide body kits should all match perfectly. Prelude’s suspension has always been under question. As a matter of experienced advice, one should buy the original Honda suspension. They are the only questionable parts which should not be tuned with other brands. Prelude is just like a snow leopard. Though it is rare, yet its elegance is unmatched. If you own one, you should be a proud driver forever.

      Honda Accord Tuning

      Accord is a masterpiece from Honda which has earned recognition, praise and admires from everyone across the globe. Honda Engineers are proud of the amazing design and awesome technology in Accord. Not only it tops the category in physical appearance but is renowned for its stability and tremendous power.

      How many of us would dare to experiment with such a world class vehicle? Many enthusiasts who want to boast as the proud owners of a tuned up Accord do go for such a high risk.

      Lets us begin in a step by step manner and see how to go about the process of tuning an Accord.

      Honda Accord Tuning honda accord tuning

      The engine of Accord has shown great resistance and toughness throughout its career. For Pro-Street purpose, we need to make an important swap. Though many such swaps give compatibility scares to owners, but as a matter of advice we suggest the H22A swap. It is recommended as one of the best Accord mounts. It is not as easy as it seems. From cutting, tweaking to general rearrangements it is a daunting task. Always check the existing suspensions, intake and fuel system for compatibility issues with the swap.

      The exhaust system of ’93 Accord is one of the best till date. A 4-3-1 header with the exhaust system of ’93 Accord is a great combination. If you go for the H22A swap, you definitely need more breathing space and a better intake for your Accord. A MAP from the same vintage ’93 Civic DX Mount would work perfectly well.

      The size of the injector needs to be changed as well to match with the previous two configurations.

      Have you thought about Transmissions? Well, to match the current performance parts we go with the contemporary H22A gearbox. We also need the Stage 2 or Stage 3 clutch kit for softer gear transitions.

      Every enthusiast has Pro-street ambitions in mind and hence we need to get high quality flywheels. An ultra light version is a much needed necessity for racing purpose while a light one could be used for the purpose of drag.

      Everyone needs speed, for the purpose of which Nitrous boosters and super chargers were engineered. Though they are added assets but still they add great wings to your Accord for racing needs. Turbo MR2 which has the backup of V8 strength is a great power booster for Honda Accord.

      Going for some style as far as the physical attributes are concerned, we need some medium level finishing touches. mTm headlights and crystal indicators make the Accord even more beautiful. Stylish leather seat covers in black and steel grey add amazing looks to this wonderful creation.

      You might want to add a double hoofed spoiler on the back and side skirts on both sides of the car. The spoiler accompanied with side skirts won’t only provide elegant looks but also give it the much needed stability at high speeds.

      Honda Accord has always ruled the roads with its looks and powerful performance. You should always keep in mind that you do not disturb this image with your tuned up version.

      Learn more about Honda Accord Tuning.

      Honda Civic Tuning

      How many of us dream to own a beautiful car one day and yet many of us end up owning an ordinary car for the rest of our lives. What if you owned a masterpiece and still got a chance to tune it your way? Honda Civic is one of the most beautiful cars that have not only earned respect and recognition but is also rated among the best ever manufactured cars. The trend that began in the 1990s with the first ever Civic on the road is ruling today with scintillating models all across the globe.

      Let us have a look at some master works and some latest tuning trends on the block.

      The famous 1993 Honda Civic Si – Street Level has slammed many performance records. Violante is one of the enthusiasts who have set a benchmark by re-defining the Street racing with this marvelous piece. The fact that 15 years old Civic is still breeding fire shows the great stability of this car.

      Honda Civic Tuning honda civic tuning

      Th1993 Honda Civic Si was a long forgotten model which was re-incarnated into one of the finest tuned cars on the road. A B16A engine built for 650 horse power throughput is good enough to produce an unusual torque of 370 lb-ft. Rejuvenation of the old belt and hoses with modern touches of alloys and heavy Honda carbon rims is the best justice you could do to its looks. You need to add a new set of Level 4 Suspensions to support the heavy engine.

      Not only is Civic Si enjoying re-incarnation but another model from the same past record, the Honda Civic DX is living a dream. From Vlade Divac to Kobe Bryant, this little master was everyone’s prismatic Pog Slammer. How different can you think to tune up this baby? Diamond neons, thrusting NOS Engine, tough carbon engine belts and a whole new wide body kit would make it one of the finest blend vehicles on the road.

      The modern day tuning techniques are superior and are the best for latest Civic models. There are three different ways of tuning with some advantages and disadvantages that accompany each.

      The more you invest, the better your vehicle becomes. Starting with some heavy investments right away, we advise you to purchase your own Honda Civic turbo kit geared with headers and intercoolers. A great performance exhaust accompanied by a high-flow catalytic converter can make your car almost fly. Ignition components such as spark plugs, ignition coil, rotor and induction coil can give a great internal boost but always avoid the usual e-bay crap. Last but not the least, we introduce the Nitrous boost. A good Level 2 boost would be enough to compensate for a turbo kit.

      The second method is much more towards the economic slab. An average cold air intake could bolster the performance many a folds. There can be many other options like minor upgrades in catalytic converters and induction parts which can boost the car to a whole new level.

      Planning for some future upgrades is surely a great option and the most economical too. Keep a reserve of suspension, catalytic converters or spoilers. If you cannot afford a turbo kit at the moment, you should surely make some space for it in the near future.

      Civic has been one of the most celebrated babies of Honda and imagine what a tuned up version would look like. It will surely be one of the best ever tune-ups on these roads.

      Learn more about Honda Civic Tuning.

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