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BBR Mazda3 MPS

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The hot version of Mazda3 known as the MPS in the UK and MazdaSpeed3 in the US has been given a big boost by the chip tuner BBR.

There are three phases of tuning to the car’s 2.3 liter turbo engine, which in its standard form make no less than 265 hp, a meaty amount of power.

BBR Mazda3 MPS Mazda 3 MPS by BBR 1

Stage one offers 290 bhp and 330 ft/lbs of torque and is priced at just £549.00. Stage two makes 318 bhp (320 PS) and 370 torque.This one costs £1645.00, with a fitting charge of £395.00. And finally the stage 3 offers the full 350 hp by upgrading the turbocharger. This one has no price and depends on the job.

Other high performance goodies like suspension, exhausts and brakes are also available upon request.

Mazda Turbo2

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Those of you who know your Mazdas are probably thinking a hotted-up version of Mazda2 should be called MazsaSpeed2, what the hell is the Turbo2?

Well, it’s concept car that hints at the speed version and it was unveiled at SEMA show 2011.

Mazda Turbo2 Mazda Turbo2 1

The car has the engine out of a MAzdaSpeed3 with 263 hp. It is also loaded features such as HR coil over suspension kit, Corksport sway bars and customized Brembo front brakes with 13-inch ventilated and slotted rotors, as well as 17-inch OZ Racing Wheels wrapped in Yokohama ADVAN Neova 215/40R17 performance tires.

It is pretty awesome, but don’t hold your breath for it to enter production!

Mazda MX-5 Super20

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One of the coolest cars Mazda has on display this year at SEMA is this Super20 MX-5.

The car was actually belongs to last year’s SEMA, but this time around it’s been updated and gets new color – Hyper Orange Mica – and a supercharger.

Mazda MX 5 Super20 mx 5 sema 1

Performance-wise the car comes with a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder boosted with a Cosworth supercharger, Racing Beat 304-stainless steel header and exhaust, and a remapped ECU. But that’s not all for mechanical upgrades.

It also features Racing Beat hollow front and rear anti-roll bars, ACT organic street clutch, MAZDASPEED coil overs and a shock tower brace, Power Slot slotted brake rotors, StopTech stainless steel brake lines and street performance brake pads, SpeedSource front brake ducts, black 16-inch Enkei RPF1 twin-spoke racing wheels.

BBR Cosworth Mazda MX5

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The old recipe of adding more and more power to a light and nimble roadster always results in magnificent driver’s cars.

But these days that manufacturers can’t be bothered to do that, it’s a job for tuners. And BBR in collaboration with Cosworth has just the package for the magnificent Mazda MX-5.

BBR Cosworth Mazda MX5 bbr mazda mx5

With the BBR-Cosworth supercharger kit the power goes up from 158 bhp to 235 bhp at 7130 rpm and 190 lb.ft of torque available at 5260 rpm. That is a great leap in power but it comes at a price, £4995.

BBR–Cosworth Mazda MX-5 MK3 supercharger specification

  • Cosworth Inlet manifold housing
  • Eaton 4th generation MP62 Supercharger
  • Intercooler (Air to water)
  • High flow calibrated injectors
  • High flow air box, with high flow air filter
  • Competition high grade hoses and fixings throughout
  • BBR Auxiliary Interceptor 2010 engine control unit (ECU) with 3-D mapping and MAP sensor
  • BBR-Cosworth identification badges

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H&R Mazda3 MPS

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The sport version of the new Mazda3 called the MPS is actually one of the most powerful hatchbacks in the market today with 260 hp. So it does not really need engine upgrade.

However, the experts at H&R center have tried to improve the car’s dynamics by adjusting its chassis using their own components. Needless to say H&R is one of the best names in business when it comes to suspension parts.

H&R Mazda3 MPS HR mazda mps

With the new suspension the MPS is now 30 mm lower than the standard and that not only improves handling and agility of the car, it also improves the looks of it remarkably. This kit only costs 244 euros and has TUV standard.

The tuner also offers wheels spacers on which you can install factory or aftermarket rims. These components remove the empty space between the wheels and the fenders and make the car to look even cooler!

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