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Mansory McLaren MP4-12C

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Mansory unveiled its package for the hottest supercar of the year, the McLaren MP4-12C.

Looks-wise, the kit includes a new face with a heavily revised bumper and LED lights, plus an air splitter and a new carbon fiber bonnet, plus wide fenders and side sills, a rear diffuser and wing.

Mansory McLaren MP4 12C Mansory McLaren MP4 12C 1

As for the engine it gets a high-performance exhaust system, a new engine-management system and a sports air filter with increased airflow, so in stead of 608 PS it makes 670 pS, with 675 Nm of torque.

There is also an interior kit if you are interested, with sports steering wheel, the aluminium pedals and the real carbon-fibre elements.

Wheelsandmore McLaren MP4-12C

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In a daring move German tuner Wheelsandmore attempted to improve on perfection by tweaking the McLaren MP4-12C.

Called the Toxique Evil, this McLaren features the tuner’s 6Sporz2 wheels in size 20 and 21 inches, wraped with Continental Sport Contact 5P tires. It also gets smoked lights and a cool stripe that runs the length of the car.

Wheelsandmore McLaren MP4 12C  Wheelsandmore McLaren MP4 12C

As for the engine, WAM fits the car with a new sportier exhaust system and adjusts a few other things as well, so they can get 666PS out of that turbo V8 plus 640 Nm of torque. There is a 800 PS package in the works.

Last but not least, they have lowered the MP4 by 25mm. Looks like they’ve pulled it off.

Hennessey McLaren MP4-12C

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The best tuning kit we’ve seen so far for the McLaren Mp4-12C comes from an American tuner, weirdly.

It’s Hennessey Performance who’s come up with an 800hp package for the British supercar. Not only that, they’ve also made a superb body kit for it that make it interesting to look at and matches that massive power output.

Hennessey McLaren MP4 12C Hennessey 12C Beast 1

They’ve left the stock suspension and brakes intact, however, because they were already good enough!

HPE800 Twin Turbo Upgrades Include:
- Upgraded intercooler system
- Upgraded air intake system
- Upgraded ball-bearing turbochargers
- Hennessey titanium exhaust system
- External wastegates
- External blow-off valves
- Upgraded fuel and engine management system
- Upgraded transmission cooler
- Upgraded transmission clutch system
- Custom dyno-tuned engine calibration
- Hennessey Warranty

Other Upgrades Include:
- Hennessey CarbonAero body upgrade
- Hennessey Monoblock wheels
- Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires
- Hennessey custom interior upgrades including carbon fiber, Alcantara and leathers

McLaren MP4-12C by Merdad

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Merdad Collection released a preview of their package for the McLaren MP4-12C supercar.

It tries to address the issue that is the main cause of criticism against this car. Everybody unanimously agrees that the MP4 does not look like a proper supercar. It has the presence, but it’s not charming somehow, and it’s kinda too serious.

McLaren MP4 12C by Merdad Merdad mclaren 2

So Merdad adds a kilo of craziness to the blend, giving the MP4 a massive front bumper, fender extensions that totally revamp the design, new rear spoiler and diffuser. Add to that massive new rims, and you end up with a fancy looking thing. Sure it might have ruined aerodynamic efficiency, but who gives a hoot!

They’ve also given it a better name, MehRon GT.

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