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Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart by Tommy Kaira

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As we approach to 2009 Tokyo Motor Show we are hearing about more and more Japanese tuners. Honestly most of them have come up with those typical Japanese tuning routine, you know those Samurai style body kits! However, there are some very fine companies among them which have an exquisite taste!

Undoubtedly, Tommy Kaira is one of them. Either when they pimp a Prius, or the Nissan GT-R or as you see here a mini car such as Mitsubishi Colt, their plans are ambitious!

Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart by Tommy Kaira  tommy kaira colt

The little Mitsu Colt has undergone a deep surgery at Kaira’s workshop and has lost many of its original parts. Instead it gets a new outfit which makes it 110 percent cooler than its factory form! The Colt Ralliart comes with a massive body kit, with new bumpers and a hood acoop which seems like overkill really!

It is also fitted with a roof wing at the back along with sport exhaust tips and some big sporty alloys. The Colt-R is powered by a turbocharched 4-cylinder developing 154 hp and is only available in Japanese domestic market.

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