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Alcon CCX Brakes for Nissan GTR

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Nobody said Nissan GTR’s brakes are bad, but when you have that kinda of performance you can use some more stopping power.

That’s what Alcon CCX Brakes will provide you with. They fit in the same stock wheels and offer many advantages brought bu the ceramic discs. So you can push your GTR harder with more confidence!

Alcon CCX Brakes for Nissan GTR Alcon CCX Brakes

Alcon’s Nissan GT-R carbon ceramic kit includes:

• 400mm front ventilated, cross-drilled CCX discs mounted to stainless steel bells
• 385mm rear ventilated, cross-drilled CCX discs mounted to stainless steel bells
• New 6-piston, monobloc billet front calipers fitted with Alcon CCX-1 pads
•  6-piston, monobloc billet rear calipers fitted with Alcon CCX-1 pads

Fox Marketing Nissan Juke

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Inspired by Nissan Juke-R, Fox Marketing tuning center announced a plan to make a 400 hp version of the popular crossover.

What they are proposing is based on the 1.6 liter version, but fitted with ginormous turbo and intercooler so it can produce that much power. The chassis and suspension will be upgraded accordingly.

Fox Marketing Nissan Juke Fox Marketing Nissan Juke S 1

The looks of the car is unique too, with a massive aero kit with add-on parts at front and rear and 20-inch rims, plus a racing interior with bucket seats and everything.

No words yet on pricing or when it’ll be ready.

Impul Nissan Juke

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Who would look at the Nissan Juke and think that’s too conservative, I wish it was more shouty and in-your-face?!

Well, as it turns out Japanese tuner Impul thinks that way! And they’ve designed this kit to visualize their perfect Nissan Juke. This must be the weirdest car in the world.

Impul Nissan Juke Impul Nissan Juke 1

Impul kit for Nissan Juke includes a front spoiler, a new grille, side skirts, a diffuser thingy at the back and a really really big spoiler that looks like a handle for the whole car!

The tuner also tunes the 1.5 and 1.6 liter engines of the Juke, but no performance figures have been announced.

Nissan 370Z by PFA Creativ

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PFA Creativ picked up the latest version of the Nissan 370 Z and gave it a light and simple but cool upgrade package.

This classic tuning job includes a set of wheels as the main features, some suspension lowering for the wheels to glow in the fenders, and new sportier, louder exhausts because all people who drive this kind of cars like this sort of things!

Nissan 370Z by PFA Creativ 2011 Nissan 370Z pfa 1

The wheels which cost nearly 5,000 Euro are Schmidt Revolution 20-inch wheels wrapped in Hankook performance tires in size 245/30-20 front and 305/25-20 rear. The suspension comes from H&R and includes special coilovers that lower the car by a few good inches and cost another 1150 euro.

And last but not least there’s the 5000 Euro stainless steel exhausts which given their price, they better provide some extra HP as well!

Nissan GT-R by Axell Auto

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The new widebody kit for the Nissan GTR by Axell Auto is outrageous!

Their previous kit was very insane too, but this one is just off the hook. The front of the car is so heavily revised that you would struggle at first to notice its a GT-R. The new bumper, bonnet and grille are all very amazing.

Nissan GT R by Axell Auto axell auto gtr 1

The back is a bit overdone with a huge diffuser, massively flared arches, a big wing, and of course those massive exhausts. Axell is preparing this car for the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon, but they have not announced any details on its performance yet.

via: MotorWard

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Hennessey Nissan GTR-600 and GTR-800

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Hennessey Performance has came up with with two new upgrade package for the mighty Nissan GT-R, ModelYear 2009 and 2010, with great levels of power.

The first one is the GTR-600 with 622 hp, but the one we’re interested in is the GTR-800 with 813-hp and 704 lb-ft torque.

Hennessey Nissan GTR 600 and GTR 800 hennessey gtr 1

With that colossal power the GT-R gains an acceleration time of 2.6 seconds which is 0.4 seconds faster than the standard 2011 GT-R which recently set a 0 to 60 record of 3 seconds.

Hennessey also provides each package with KW suspension, carbon fiber aero kit, special exhaust, special wheels, and many other high performance parts.

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Cobra Nissan Juke

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The latest styling and upgrade package by Cobra N+ is for the controversial crossover, the Nissan Juke.

Cobra’s recipe remains the same though. There’s a number of different front guards which you can choose including the Citygurad, and stainless-steel tubular front guard with a tube diameter of 60 millimeters.

Cobra Nissan Juke cobra nissan0juke 1

Other parts include rocker panel guards with integrated running boards featuring stainless-steel tubular guards that have a diameter of 80 millimeters and stainless-steel sport exhaust with two large chrome-plated tips.

The tuner also offers different sets of 19- and 20-inch rims for the car.

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H&R Nissan Juke

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The new Nissan Juke is selling like hot cakes, so it was time for H&R to come up a kit for it, enhancing its ride and handling.

So they play their magic on the car’s suspension and give it new springs and dampers which lower the overall ride height by 30mm. The car, being a crossover, still has plenty of ground clearance to spare!

H&R Nissan Juke HR Nissan Juke

As usual, H&R also offers special wheel spacer for perfect fitment and no fender gap.

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AMS Performance Nissan GT-R Alpha

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The Alpha 10 performance package by AMS Performance sounds like yet another power kit for the Godzilla GT-R, but… there’s more to it!

On the outside, you can notice carbon fiber bonnet and trunk lid, plus a few carbon fiber parts and new set of wheels.

AMS Performance Nissan GT R Alpha AMS Alpha Nissan GT R

But under the bonnet there are turbochargers the size of moon, capable of putting out a massive 1,100 bhp!

This car specializes in drag racing and as claimed by AMS it can run the quarter mile in 9.33 seconds at 153mph. That as I’m sure you know is a new record.

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Unichip Nissan Navara

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The Nissan Navara is built in Spain and has a 2.5 liter DCi turbodiesel engine which is a bit weak at 171 bhp.

But Unichip has a U-Connect kit which adds a healthy 29 bhp and 25 lb.ft. That’s just through modified electronics which not only affects fuel consumption (29 mpg), it even improves it a bit!

Unichip Nissan Navara niv nissan unichip

The power output is now 200 bhp and 265 lb.ft of torque which results in sharper acceleration and better overall experience. Pricing for the kit is set at £398.78 excluding VAT.

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